The skinweaver builds webs from skin and muscle, stretching entrails between trees and bones in a grotesque mockery of a spider. Heads and hands become hosts for the foul creatures’ spawn. Some might assume that skinweavers could be created only from the bodies of warlocks or wizards, but the arcane powers of these creatures are instinctual; thanks to Mordain’s twisted skills, a fighter’s head can also cast spells in the Forest of Flesh.
Skin weaver

Many believe the separate spider-like bodies of the skinweavers are sparate entities. When in fact The head and hands work as one entity. That does not mean, however that the far realm monstrosities stop their work when the head dies.

Although skinweavers can induce decomposition, a skinweaver head can also produce a clear mucus that preserves flesh. This has an effect similar to gentle repose, and it preserves the creatures’ webs. Most skinweavers work in the midst of a network of vile strands, which are treated as difficult terrain. A skinweaver’s forest walk allows it to ignore its own webs. Skinweavers are formed from the severed hands and heads of humanoid beings. The flesh is perfectly preserved, and a skinweaver head can even be beautiful—until one takes a closer look. The heads have six spindly, chitinous legs protruding from the sides of the skull and two smaller foreclaws, with a spiderlike abdomen sealing the base of the neck. A skinweaver hand is severed beneath the wrist and mounted on an armored body similar to that of a scorpion, with the hand in place of the scorpion’s tail. Skinweaver flesh is far tougher than that of the original humanoid, and these creatures can take a surprising amountof damage.Skinweaver hands are psychically bound to a particular skinweaver head, and they act with perfect, silent coordination. If a skinweaver group is present, determine initiative only for the heads; the hands act on the same phase as their linked head. If a skinweaver head is killed, its linked hands immediately focus their attacks on the killer and continue to fight until slain. If the hands survive, they seek a new head with which to bond. Skinweavers do not employ any language, but the heads are excellent mimics and repeat phrases said around them in battle.