Medium natural Humanoid Undead

Common Alignment

Chaotic Evil

Common Plane

Shadowfell, Mortal World

Common Power Tier



Medium - 6'


This creature resembles other wights: a desiccated corpse with dark nails, shriveled features, and evil gleaming in its eyes. The ashgaunt’s flesh is paler than that of its kinfolk, and it is often blotched with black, diseased patches. Careful examination reveals necromantic runes carved on the underside of its nails and scarred into the flesh of its tongue. Ashgaunts normally wear grave shrouds, but some dress as living people. 1

History and OriginsEdit

Appearing only recently in the dark corners of the world, the ashgaunt is an abomination that exists not merely to drain life—a hunger it shares with other wights —but also to raise other undead to create further havoc. Ashgaunts are recent creations of the Ashen Covenant. Although disappointed in the ashgaunt initially—they’d wanted to create a creature capable of spawning multiple types of undead and were disheartened when the ashgaunt maintained its creations for brief periods of time—they have since begun using the ashgaunts as soldiers and assassins. They continue to refine the process that created the ashgaunt, hoping to birth a similar creature that has animated allies that are permanent. 1


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