"The Tiefling empire once spanned thousands of miles and served as a testament to the power of its devil-bound overlords. Filled with wonders and terrors the likes of which cannot be imagined by most, the legends about it sleep now. Fell citadels of world-rending might lay broken over the foolish ambitions of their makers. Senseless feuds mixed with opulence and blindness brought the gloried days of their world to a close.But still, the rumors of the shattered empire persist. Those who believe that the white towers of Arkanast are civilization know little of the vastness of what the tieflings once ruled."

—Leatherface Lorand-- veteran adventurer 1

The hellish masters of Bael Turath once held control of large portions of the world both above and below the surface. Their enemies shuddered at rumors of extraplanar holdings that dwarfed even their sprawling empire in the world. Bael Turath rose to power when the empire of Arkhosia was at its peak, and it was inevitable that the upstart empire would come into conflict with the dragonborn. The war that erupted when these two fearsome powers careened into each other engulfed the entire world. Dragonborn surged into the borders of Bael Turath by the thousands, and the wings of their masters darkened the sky. The devils responded in kind. Hellfire that could sizzle adamantine to slag rained on their foes, ending thousand-year lives in the blink of a succubus’s eye. The tainted ones turned the hearts of their foes black with corruption, sparking ancient feuds among the dragonborn. When it was over, the magic worked on both sides was so dire that it tore reality and dreams. No one remembers what happened after the fall... 1


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