Barlgura 2


Demon, Elemental, Beast

Common Alignment

Chaotic Evil

Common Plane

The Abyss

Common Power Tier



Large - 9' - 12'


Barlguras are savage, rust-colored, ape-like creatures who can get up to twelve feet tall. They often wear jewlery and various other valuables taken from the crushed bodies of fallen enemies.


Barlgura are found on almost every abyssal layer but are even more commonly found in Abysm due to Demogorgon's preference for this particular demon type.

Common Culture or Natural TraitsEdit

Barlgura have a bloodlust that can only be sated in combat, they like nothing more than to tear apart their enemies using using their bare claws. They are often used in the primary armies of the various demon lords because of their intense desire to tear their foes apart.

The cults of Demogorgon have a tendency to summon this type of demon, because of Demogorgon's love the beast. He prefers them because he enjoys their primitive, bestial savagery. Their presence in the natural world is usually a sign that the Cult of the Prince of Demons is growing stronger.

History and OriginsEdit



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