Demon, Elemental, Magical Beast

Common Alignment

Chaotic Evil

Common Plane

The Abyss - Yeenoghu's Realm (Abyssal Layer 422)

Common Power Tier



Medium - 4'


This predator blends the features of a wild boar and a hyena. Black-spotted brown fur covers its head. Large brown, pitted tusks emerge from its canine jaw. The rest of its body is hairless and covered with hideous, crusty sores. It has a long ratlike tail. 1


Crocottas are unique to Yeenoghu’s realm, and they fill a niche similar to that of the hyena in the natural world. These beasts are scavengers that have a brutish cunning and an insatiable lust for killing. 1

Common Culture or Natural TraitsEdit

The crocotta is a perverse reflection of the natural hyena and employs many of the same tactics. These demons possess a curious bark that sounds like disturbed laughter. Those who hear it move against their will. In addition, crocottas can also twist their features in grotesque forms to shock and frighten their foes. 1

History and OriginsEdit

It is unclear whether the crocattas were created by Yeenoghu or were simply coughed up by the Abyss in response to his realm being populated by hyena. Some even speculate they were birthed by the union of a demon and a hyenadon. 1


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