Cuhreech, or CK as he was called, was an enigmatic person. Later to be discovered as a Psionic Thri-Kreen, he stands at about 6' 5" and has the common dusty colored carapace like much of his people. He mostly kept to himself and occassionally offered help, but he was still seen as an outsider due to his mannerisms.


CK hails from the far eastern edge of the continent and has traveled far in search for a new homeland for his people to inhabit. During his travels, he was hit with an amazingly strong psionic force which drew him to the city of Pelandra, which at the time was infested with the undead.

Notable ExploitsEdit

During the undead infestation of Pelandra, CK's ability to communicate with those a great distance away helped to discover what would be the safe haven for the remaining survivors.


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