Dead But Not ForgottenEdit

There are certain divinities that are so renown or feared that death or defeat does not stop their worship. The perfect example being The Chained God . Below is a list of gods that though they have been slain, they have not been forgotten and some remnant of their power still remains. All the gods below still have working churches or cults scattered throughout the plains. Due to their emmense power a divine champion could still use the powers of these gods, though they are long since dead.


Aurom was the god or goddess of the cycle of life. Aurom discovered the journey the soul makes during the afterlife, and was the only entity to ever known what happens after the afterlife. Called The Shattered One by her remaining followers Aurom taught that to accept death was holy above all.


Haramathur was the guardian god of stone who was tasked during the Dawn War with the protection of the Astral Sea against incursions of creatures from the Elemental Chaos . He had no enemies among the other deities, who recognized him as a force whose power protected them.


Nusemnee was originally daughter of and an assassin of Zehir . Later turning on her father and redeeming her wicked ways she became the goddess of redemption and heroism. Her body is still sought out by those who seek redemption.


Sagawehn was the goddess of insects; a passionless deity who valued the community—the hive—above all else. She sought to crush individuality, perceiving it as a danger to the whole. She aimed to expand always; those she met either joined the hive or were crushed by it. Understandably, she was never popular among humankind, though some thri-kreen tribes paid her homage.

Dead but Still HereEdit

The gods below died so long ago or were destroyed so perfectly that very few creatures, god or mortal even know they ever exsisted. The warlocks that are taught to make pacts with vestiges of the past can still call on some of the unclaimed power of these fallen gods.

I have compiled all that the Vestige-Pact Warlocks know of these gods that they so rudely borrow power from; needless to say it isn't much.


A God or Goddess of Volcanoes who supposedly helped Moradin shape the primordial stone and magma.


A god or goddess that sacrificed himself for the forces of order during the Dawn War, and was then promptly forgotten.


A Powerful Being? Maybe defeated a Primordial?


A God of Justice, believed to have been allies with Amoth.


A mysterious entity, which the Warlocks refuse to speak of.