Prince of Demons, King of That Which Swims in Darkness, Aameul, Hethradiah,


Chaotic Evil


Schizophrenia, Destruction, Savageness, Brutality, Deception, Reptiles, Demons, The Abyss, Underwater Creatures, Amphibians


Abysm - Abyssal Layers 88 and 90

Children and Worshipers

Ettins, Rays, Ixitxachitls, Kua-Toa, Trogladytes, Schizophrenics, Abyssal Wyrms,


Ex-Primordial, Demon Lord, Prince of Demons

Demogorgon is the two-headed Prince of Demons who commands the respect and fear of dieties, devils, demons, and primordials alike.


Demogorgon is a gargantuan, bipedal, reptilian creature. His bottom half is scaled and green, while his top half is covered by patches of dirty, orange fur. Each one of his spike-topped arms forks into two, long, slimy, orange tentacles, which he uses as effectivley as a full set of fingers. Hs tail is incredibly long and ends in a poisoness barbed hook. Demogorgon adorns himself with ancient jewlery and other adornments which catch his liking and sometimes he wears the bones of his past enemies. Demogorgon has two baboon-like heads, and mouthfuls of shortsword-length teeth which he uses to rend flesh from bone.

Demogorgon is the name shared by two seperate consciousnesses, Hethradiah and Aameul, the two heads of Demogorgon. Aameul prefers deception and strategy while Hethradiah favors destruction and brutality, these differing opinions cause the schitzophrenic Prince of That Which Swims in Darkness to

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His D&D popularity reached it's peak when "Stranger Things" came out and he had starring role as villain.