Eclavdra, Exarch of Lolth

God Served





Chaotic Evil


Cunning, Cruelty, Drow, Betrayal

Eclavdra is Lolth's Exarch of Cunning, Cruelty and Betrayal.


Eclavdra is an immortal drow prestess of inconceivable beauty. She wears gowns of exquisite, spider silk and jewlery of immeasurable value.

Eclavdra uses guile and deception to defeat her foes before weapons are ever drawn against her, but should weapons be drawn, she is more than capable to fend off the attacks of powerful demons and rival exarchs. She wields the Tentacle Rod, a powerful weapon she recieved while leading the Cult of the Elder Elemental Eye.

Origins and ExploitsEdit

Long ago Eclavdra was a High Priestess in a drow underdark city. She gained the favor of her goddess by betraying her own house and her own city. Then when granted a chance at power she betrayed Lolth herself. For this her only punishment was being given great divine power as an Exarch of Lolth. Since being elevated to an exarch her betrayals have never ceased, and she has even betrayed Lolth a secondtime. Lolth, as a goddess of strife and the Mistress of Lies, just accepts this as proof that Eclavdra has the intelligence and guile to outwit a cunning goddess.

The first time Eclavdra betrayed The Demon Queen of Spiders, she had aligned herself with The Cult of The Elder Elemental Eye, which is one of Lolth's religion's staunchest enemies. The second time she aligned herslef against Lolth with Graz'zt, in a scheme to garner power in the Abyss.


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