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Mighty Infernos, Forest Fires, Volcanoes, Funeral Pyres

A Great Elder spirit of flame, dedicated to protecting the world from fire.


Most primal spirits of flame are young. They burn bright for a time, then flicker away to be replaced by new spirits. But not all flame spirits are so ephemeral. EverFlame is an ancient flame spirit who has taken on a unique protective role. This guardian spirit ensures that great fires blaze strongly enough to eventually burn themselves out. EverFlame knows that flame is a great cleansing force in the world, but only once it stops can the natural balance reestablish itself. Everflame whips the lesser flame spirits on, ensuring that they burn out quickly instead of learning to live forever, as he did.

Origins and Exploits[]

During the Dawn War the primordials sought to cover the world in flames. The fire would burn the forests, kill the mortals, and leave the world as nothing more than ash to be scattered on the winds of the Elemental Chaos. The primordials opened their great portal unleashing an infinite torrent of flame upon the world, andit began to devour the great forest that had stood at the begginning of time. The mortals fled in terror and accepted that it would be the end, for they had no hope of stopping the fire. But then a great thing happened. Where the fire had burnt a path of desctruction, plants and beasts arose from the ashes. The fire turned and stomped back over the fresh sprouts, but they arose again wherever the fire had rampaged before. Around and around the fire raced, but it was never able to burn one place before life arose again in another. It was then that the fire realized its place and leapt upon the wind to become one with the world. The world survived and EverFlame decreed that even when flames claim tree after tree, and life after life, it remains true that life follows death just as surely as death follows life. Along with the World Serpent and StromHawk, EverFlame was one of the great elders to participate the most during the War of Winter.

Relation with Tribal Peoples[]

Common folk rarely have contact with EverFlame since cooking fires and bonfires have no need for his power and due to this, shrines to Everflame are near nonexistent, though places of power being dedicated to him are far more common, and are often found near volcanoes and elemental flame vents. Primal heroes commonly call on the great power of Everflame as do cultures that burn their dead on funeral pyres, who call upon him so the body will burn quickly.

A minotaur burning its dead and evoking EverFlame.