A rare form of undead often mistaken for a lich or skeleton, the flameharrow (sometimes referred to as an “eye of fear and flame”) is an agent of utter chaos and wanton destruction. Although capable of intricate schemes and patient evil, it is most satisfied when wreaking pain and terror for the sheer joy of it. 1



Medium Natural Humanoid Undead

Common Alignment

Chaotic Evil

Common Plane

Shadowfell, Mortal World

Common Power Tier



Medium - 6'


A flameharrow initially appears as little more than an emaciated figure in a tattered cloak, its face obscured by a ragged hood. Only when it enters combat, or when it seeks to terrify its victims, does it sweep back its hood with a bony hand to reveal a bare skull. A gleaming gem is set into each eye socket—one black, one red.   

A flameharrow approaches its prey while hooded and demands that one of those present perform a hideous, evil act. The nature of the demand varies, and it often involves a form of betrayal. For instance, upon encountering an adventuring party, it might demand that the group slay one of its own members, threatening to kill them all if they do not comply. If the victims comply, the flameharrow departs, content to leave them to wallow in their guilt. If they do not, it sweeps back its hood and attempts to destroy the lot of them. 1


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