A Glabrezu towering over a twelve foot Barlgura and a six foot Evistro.


Demon, Elemental, Humanoid

Common Alignment

Chaotic Evil

Common Plane

The Abyss

Common Power Tier



Huge - 18'- 23'


Glabrezus are massve, cunning monstrosities who are just as effective at casting magic as they are at tearing their foes asunder with their awful claws. They have bat-like ears and two powerful arms which end in massive claws, they have an aditional set of frail humanoid arms which they use in order to cast their terrible spells. The presence of a Glabrezu is felt almost immediatley, their wickedness infects the world around them, crops are ruined, animals die, plagues spread and the sky itself darkens in their presence.


Glabrezus can be found spear-heading the devastation caused by any army of demons found throughout The Abyss.

Common Culture or Natural TraitsEdit

Glabrezus are amongst the most vile of demons found in the entirety of the Abyss, they use their supernaturally high intelligence to sow discord. They commonly goad their allies into greater and greater acts of depravity and violence. They sometimes let themselves be summoned by powerful and destructive villians in order to sew as much discord in the natural world as they can, before slaying the summoner and taking control of their allies.

History and OriginsEdit



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