The Demon on the Left is a Goristro standing next to an Immolith


Demon, Elemental, Humanoid

Common Alignment

Chaotic Evil

Common Plane

The Abyss

Common Power Tier



Huge - 15' - 20'


Goristros are huge, living siege engines, far more than capable of destroying castles and laying waste to entire cities. Their armspan can reach up to twenty feet wide and their horns are usually seven feet long.


Goritros are numerous in the Abyss and the Elemental Chaos, but are rarely found elsewhere. They are most common in Baphomet's realm,The Endless Maze.

Common Culture or Natural TraitsEdit

Goristros destroy everything in their path and murder anyone who their eyes happen to fall upon, all except minotaurs loyal to Baphomet.

Goristros commonly answer to Baphomet and his generals, and are very rarely found in the employ of other Demon Lords. Goritros are never found in the employ of Yeenoghu.

History and OriginsEdit

It is commonly believed that Baphomet created the Goristros as perfect reflections of his fury, unlike his prior attempt, the Minotaurs.


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