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Demon Lord of Alchemy, Demon Lord of Artifice




Alchemy, Artifice


Garavond - Abyssal Layer 548

Worshipers and Children

Constructs, Clockwork Horrors


Demon Lord

A mechanical Demon Lord who creates vile constructs and mechanical beasts to further his goals and sew discord.

Decription, Origins and Exploits[]

The appearence of Haagenti is actually unknown, do to his use of vial mechanical constructs that he uses to do his bidding and act on his behalf. It is whispered that he might be a living construct, maybe the last member of a long extinct race forged before the dawn war, or possibly even a corrupted modron .

Haagenti's motivations and intentions are unknown, but he toils away in his floating labratory in his abyssal plane of Garavon. He has the power to harness the elemental chaos in Garavond. Something he does in order to fuel his latest experiments and terrible constructs.

Exarchs Allies and Worshipers[]

If Haagenti has any exarchs it is almost certain that they are mechanical constructs built by Haagenti himself.

Haagenti has few allies, though some demonologists suggest he has an allience with Zuggtmoy, though the reasons for such an allience are unknown. He has many worshipers incuding but not limited to sentient: retrievers, golems, clockwork horrors, slaughterstone constructs, and steel predators. Amongst mortals, evil artificers and warforged call upon The Demon Lord of Alchemy and Artificy.

Rivals and Enemies[]

It is unknown whether Haagenti has any enemies.


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