Demon, Elemental, Humanoid

Common Alignment

Chaotic Evil

Common Plane

The Abyss

Common Power Tier



Large - 10'


Hezrous are large, spined, froglike brutes. Drool constantly spills from ther frothing mouths and noxious posion dripps off of their slimy bodies. A Hezrou is commonly found in a hunched position, with their legs ready to pounce, causing the creature to look about ten feet tall, but if their spine was ever fully stretched they were in a standing position, they would be much closer to twenty feet tall.


Hezrous are amongst the most prvelant demons in the whole of the Abyss. Hezrous can be found in the armies of every Demon Lord and are amongst the more common demons to be summoned to the mortal world by powerful demon worshipers.

Common Culture of Natural TraitsEdit

Hezrous are natrally subserviant, and amongst the other demons they are fairly docile. Hezrous are numerous and fairly expedable in the eyes of the Demon Lords. Hezrous enjoy taking simple orders, but do not answer to forces weaker than themselves, thus they answer primarily to Balors and to the Demon Princes. Hezrous are fairly easy to keep pleased as long as there is an abundant amount of creatures for them to kill and eat.

History and OriginsEdit



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