Demon, Undead, Elemental - Fire, Magical Beast

Common Alignment

Chaotic Evil

Common Plane

The Abyss

Common Power Tier



Large - 10' - 15'


Immoliths are towering columns of flame and skeletal limbs. They often have four to eight arms and are constantly ablaze. Stalking the Abyss and the Elemental Chaos for living creatures to tear limb from limb.


Immoliths are commonly found in the Abyss and the Elemental Chaos but can also be found amongst powerful demon worshipping undead in the Shadowfell and the natural world.

Common Culture or Natural TraitsEdit

When demons die their spirit is immediatle sent back into the depths of the abyss where it will eventually coalesce into the demon again. Sometimes multiple demon spirits will fuse into one as they fall back in the abyss resulting in an unpredicable explosion of flesh and flame, generally spawning an Immolith.

Immoliths generally carry the desires and needs of their former demon selves, but gain a supernatural hatred for everything that lives. Making Immoliths amongst the most hated beings in the Abyss. Immolthis refuse to take orders from living creatures and cannot be summoned by living spellcasters.

History and OriginsEdit

It is unknown whether the first Immolith sawning was caused by a demon lord or was simply one of the many destructive miracles of the Abyss.


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