The Mighty One




War, Brutality, Goblinoids


Formerly Clangor; (Now Chernoggar, more specifically Clangor)

Children and Worshipers

Hobgoblins, Goblinoids, Warriors

Origin and ExploitsEdit

Maglubiyet was one of the original gods that spawned from the mist of the Astral Sea. During the the years of Firstone's creation Maglubiyet created the hobgoblins in response to Moradin creating dwarves. The Mighty One fell to evil during the ascension of The Chained God and fought at his side until late in The Enders War, when he switched sides and fought alongside Tuern and Amoth. In the same war Maglubiyet lost his godhood to a mortal man named Achra who would later become Bane.

Maglubiyet appears as a giant hobgoblin with ebony skin, eyes of flickering fire, and vicious talons. He carries a jagged axe fully capable of cleaving cities in twain. When not following doing some task for Bane, Maglubiyet rules the fiefdom of Clangor in Chernoggar, and thus the goblinoid exalted that call the plane heaven.


Though The Mighty One now preaches the beliefs of Bane his own commandments are as follows:

  • To be strong is to win the battle; to be resourceful is to win the war.
  • The failures of the incompetent will lead to failures amongst the competent, crush failure before it spreads.
  • The weak are meant to be slaves, and will never rise above such rank.

Rivals and EnemiesEdit

While Maglubiyet was a god in power his rivals included both Gruumsh and Tuern. Since his fall from godhood his rivalry with Gruumsh remains, but all enemies of Bane are enemies of The Mighty One.

Exarchs, Allies and WorshippersEdit

Maglubiyet no longer has any exarchs, but he has equal command over the exalted and angelic forces of Tuer-Chern as Bane himself. Maglubiyet is still widely worshipped by the goblinoid community, though even they understand that to bow to The Mighty One is to bow to Bane.

Fall From GodhoodEdit

During Bane's ascension from mortal to god he absorbed some of Maglubiyet's divine essence to complete his transformation. Maglubiyet knew he would lose no followers, would not lose his dominion, and would gain a powerful new ally; so The MIghty One lost his godhood willingly.