demon, yugoloth, elemental, humanoid

Common Alignment

Chaotic Evil

Common Plane

The Abyss, Particularly The Blood Rift

Common Power Tier



Large - 8' - 10'


These mysterious insectlike demons have four arms and a hard carapace. They are usually found amongst other yugoloths.


Mezzodemons call the Abyss home but and can be found in the employ of various demon lords and factions; but generally are found in the Blood Rift. Mezzdemons can be found in the mortal world or on any other plane under the employ of various entities.

Common Culture or Natural TraitsEdit

Like all yugoloths Mezzodemons are not as chaotic as the rest of their brethren. Though intensly evil, mezzodemons do not stalk the planes in murderous hordes like normal demons, instead prefering to only do things that can benifit them or make them profit.

Mezzodemons have an insatiable lust for gold and other valuables, which is why they usually sell themselves out as mercenaries for anyone that can afford to both summon them and pay them.


It is unknown how exactly mezzodemons came into being, but demonoloists agree their exsistence is owed to the Blood Rift.


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