The Gray Wolves are ferocious and dedicated to the last, but a few among them, whether through experience, a talent for command, or simply survival in the face of impossible odds, grow into undisputed masters of the Pack. 1

Pack Master

Power Source

Martial - Pack Master's strength comes from their incredible tactics and honed skill.


Good alligned Warlord


Pack Masters look to Maldeen’s shining example and aspire to pure excellence in command, are always warlords who combine their mastery of tactics with a hatred of all things evil to great effect. The Pack Masters of Maldeen are shining beacons of virtue, inspiring their allies in the fight through the darkest hours of the Pack’s struggle. Bane to corruption, evil, and temptation, the Pack Masters are elite among the Gray Wolves. Their tireless devotion to the struggle of light against darkness serves as a lesson to aspirant candidates for membership in the Gray Wolves, and as a fearsome warning against any who might choose a darker path in search of power. 1

Abilities and TalentsEdit

Pack Masters learn the tactics of the great warlord, Maldeen. With these tools at their disposal Pack Masters are able to push themselves and their allies ever further down the path of righteousness. 1

  • Maldeen's Hunt - Pack Masters are incredibly perceptive to tracks and are able to push their allies faster when traveling great lengths. Pack Masters have quick reflexes which allow them to pounce or retreat before an enemy can react.
  • Pack Master's Action - The connection between a Pack Master and his pack is legendary. When a Pack Master barks an order his allies move as if they were his own weapons.
  • Beacon for the Pack - This tactic distracts a Pack Master's enemy in order to let an ally get out of harms way when they respiond to an order.

The most deadly of Maldeen's Strategems are utilized by Pack Masters to turn the tides of battle.

  • Manticore-and-Wyvern - Lures two enemies into eachother's blows which gives an ally a chance to strike.
  • Casting Ripples- An order of retreat and regrouping
  • Straw Soldiers - The ultimate technique of a Pack Master. A tactic in which the Pack Master strikes a true blow while the rest of his forces conceal their true locations.

Notable Pack MastersEdit

Varain Cawdorai - A beautiful raven-haired elf warlord, Varain is one of the founders of the Gray Wolves and its current leader. 1

Jandor Smoketooth - A towering tiefling warlord with fearsome red skin, pitch black eyes, and curling ram’s horns, Jandor  cuts a sinister figure. His dedication to the Gray Wolves is a mystery to some of the order’s less enlightened members who view the warlord warily. 1

Waldrun Gypsumbane - A stout dwarf with a cheery glow to his cheeks, python-thick arms, and a bushy red beard, Waldrun is well liked among the Gray Wolves and is the favored successor to Varain among the pack. 1


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