Hammer 16th, IY 322 Starday

  • Raeya and Tagen-Sai wake up early and leave The Church of Summer's Bounty to go find work, Juliet offers her assistance. Fenyx finds Pelandra and then encounters a strange kenku who leads him to one of the town wells. There he wanders into Juliet, Raeya and Tagen-Sai. Noticing the strange races of Raeya and Tagen leads him to believe that she may be trusted.
  • Juliet offers to let Fenyx stay at the church and then tells Raeya and Tagen-Sai that she will take them out after the tour.
  • While touring the churches grounds, the party is acosted by Keller. He approves of them. Fenyx hears an argument coming from another room and tells his companions. Juliet tells them to stay back and she will investigate it herself. She sees Mother Sunfellow and Greg Torbek arguing. Her presence makes Greg leave
  • She tries to find out what the argument was about and discovers that Reeve Hubblekin is going to destroy the local, indiginous Pineyre Tribe if Mother Sunfellow does not stop them from vandalizing the town. Juliet's words then inspire Mother Sunfellow. She suggest that the two outsiders that have been living in the church escort Juliet to the tribe and then Juliet's innate skill in diplomacy will convince the ribe to stop stealing and vandalizing. Raeya falls into the room, and Mother sunfellow explains her plan to all of them including Fenyx.Mother sunfellow gives Fenyx clothes and gloves and promises them, that there will be a reward if they can complete this mission successfully.
  • While discussing how to get to the tribe, Fenyx informs them that he recently met an elf in the Treeson Woods who should know how to get to the Pineyre tribal grounds. They travel to this elf.
  • Elf intercepts them in the woods as a wolf, he recognizes Fenyx and leads them to his hut. They explain the situation to him and he agrees to help them find it, even though now it has been shrouded by primal magic. They set out to find it, but turn around for fear of the night, Venyan finds a stream he remembers from his childhood, tells group he can for sure lead them back there the nextday.

Hammer 17th, IY 322 SundayEdit

  • The next day they travel deep into the woods and find this place yet again. Venyan asks the forest spirits to guide him to Pineyre grounds and a spirit of a black fox leads him and disolves the primal illusion that kept Pineyre hidden.
  • The children make fun of Juliet and Raeya. Venyan speaks with his former druidic spiritual-teacher, Tearner. Tearner is now the spiritual advisor of the entire tribe and warns venyan, that he should not be there. Venyan pleads his case, Tearner tells him that it would be impossible to convince Chieftan Tunarthi to have an audience with Venyan, but if the outsiders could earn his respect he may listen.

Session 2Edit

  • Tearner explains to Venyan and company that the tribe has been attacking Pelandra because the primal spirits are angry with the tribe as proved by shrines combustign and food disappearing, the spirits are angry for letting Pelandra log the forest. The tribe has attempted to parley with Hubblekin, but even with the threat of Pineyre attacking the city, Hubblekin has refused to stop logging.
  • Raeya and Squambles wander off to earn money. Fenyx and Tagen-Sai are pulled away to battle two of the town's warriors. Tearner take Venyan through the tribal land to show him the destruction caused by the primal spirits. As Juliet goes to watch the battle she is pulled aside by Avrowsteng.
  • Raeya earns many red acorns telling comical stories about her great grandaddy Ugdull.
  • Venyan discovers that kobold are vandalizing the tribe, once he proves it to Tearner he heads back to prove it to the Cheif.
  • Tagen-Sai and Fenyx obliterate their opponents, Fenyx is compassionate afterwards. Cheif Tunarthi is impressed and asks to see them in three hours. He then sees Venyan who speaks out to him, the cheif is very displeased with his presence and tells him he must wash the blood off his hands before he can see him.
  • During the three hours the group tries to find out more about the Cheif and the tribe. During this Raeya discovers a hurt stag, she asks it's caretaker if she can take a hand at curing it of it's ailment. Raeya calms the stag while Venya directs Tagen-Sai on what to do. They perform a minor surgery and it looks like the stag wil be better. The stags guardian, Veera, tells them that she will help them once they come back from the cheif.
  • They go to the cheif and smoke a peace-pipe with him, the peace-pipe drops the smokers body on the spiritual plane, and they all have visions. They try to convince the chief that there is no reason to attack Pelandra, but he is determined. Finally Venyan is no longer affected by the substance and he tells the chief that the spirits are not angry. That kobold are the vandilizers. Fenyx, thanks to the dream state caused by the peace-pipe, learns that the Kobold are in the Temple of the Stars, and that the only thing angry in the woods is the god Corellon. The Chief is about to decide to attak Pelandra, when Raeya comes out of the hallucination and realizes the only way to make him see the error of his ways is to be sarcastic. She encourages him to send his people into the weapons of Pelandra, and he accepts that to waste the lives of his people is to be a bad leader. He give sthem three days to find the Temple of the Stars, eliminate the Kobold and return with proof. Or he will personally lead the attack on Pelandra.

Session 3Edit

  • Avrosteng continues to speak with Juliet. Tearner decides that it is not a good desiscion to let Venyan embrace the primal beast inside by going to the temple and killing kobold, so he keeps Venyan there, and teaches him the lessons he could not after Venyan was banished from the tribe.
  • Raeya, Tagen-Sai and Fenyx return to Veera and let her know the situation. They ask if the could abtain some of the larger stags, so they could use them as mounts, she says no, but lets them in on a secret. She takes them inside her hut, and they discover she is not truly a primal elf, but a fey emmisary, charged with protecting the Temple of the Stars and the spirit of the forest. She lends them one Stag, to be used as a guide. They debate whether they should travel out and be caught in the forest at night, or to leave early the next day in hopes of avoiding lycanthropes.
  • While debating a shifter man approaches and tells them that his son listened in on the council in the chief's hut. He has armed himself and headed into the woods to find the temple himself, so the tribe would not need the help of outsiders, he begs for them to find his son and bring him back home safely.
  • Tagen-Sai has a gut feeling that the stag is more than a stag and leads the group out into the woods.
  • Back at the tribal grounds, Avrosteng tells Juliet that there is an inescapable darkness under the Temple of the Stars, and her allies are going to need Juliet to be there for them, Juliet goes to join them and discovers that they had already left. Avrowsteng escorts her to the temple. During their travle they never come into contact with the other characters.
  • The stag and company travel for many hours, the deeper into the woods they go the more etherial the stag becomes. At night they travel into the wee hours of the morning, having Lycanthropes travelling parallell with them the entire time, never coming too close to the stag's light. Eventually Fenyx speaks to the stag in Wood-elven, and tells it that they need to rest. The stag puts up a protective bubble of gold energy and they sleep soundly.

Hammer 18th, IY322 Moonday Edit

  • In the morning they leave immediately, after they eat the food that Fenyx had collected. they travel for many more hours and eventually come to the edge of a sheer cliff-face. The stag turns and looks at them, as if waiting for something.
  • They see a small object hovering not far from them, hanging directly in front of the sun. Tagen-sai flies to it and finds out is not movable.
  • Fenyx hears a sound, looking down they see it is a dwarf lying unconscious right under the clifftop. Tagen-Sai wakes him up and brings him up. They find out that Thoriden Ironhammer is a Paladin of Moradin who was sent here to retrieve an object for a benefactor, but he misunderstood a riddle and fell off the cliff, but caught himself on the ledge of the cave below. They examine his riddle and map and decide that the temple will become visible at night. They then notice that the stag has disappeared.
  • They wait in the cave, at nightfall the cave becomes a room, and the discover that they are in the basement of the temple.
  • They venture forth and find that the temple has been stripped of most of its valuables. Fenyx smells blood and moving forward they find a shifter boy dead in a room full of stolen goods. Mostly from Pelandra. Tagen-Sai takes the armor and examines it, discoverig that it is +1 Vetren's Leather Armor, the same armor wore by the troops of Pelandra.
  • They hear a kobold giving a speech in the next room and hear the clapping of little claws. They devise a plan and set it in motion. The door is kicked open, Tagen-Sai yells out to the kobold. Four kobold come running towards the sound of the blasphemor, Thoriden kicks a barrel of oil out into the room, Tagen-Sai then summons a flaming cyclone centered on the barrel, the burning winds scorch the kobold and then the barrel explodes catching two of them on fire. The kobold giving the speech runs away using a small iron gate hidden in the base of the wall behind him. Thoriden triggers a pit trap and falls in. Eventually they elimnate all the rest save one. Raeya, who had spent the battle in the room with the dead boy comes in to the room and asks if they won yet.
  • They interrogate him and learn that the leader of the kobold is a creature named Szartharax and that the kobold are here to protect "Walnuts", "Chesnuts" and "Almounds". Tagen stabs the kobold twice, Fenyx leads him back to the room with the stole goods to cool down and drink some Ale, then locks Tagen in the room. They finish interrogating the kobold and then before Tagen-Sai can get to him, Thoriden puts the kobold out of his misery.
  • They loot the bodies and investigate the room further discovering that an alter to Corellon has been defaced and holding a tribute of blood and gold is most likely a tribute to the kobold tribe's dragon lord.

Session 4Edit

  • Juliet arrives at The Temple of the Stars. Avrowsteng returns to her tribe. Juliet goes into the temple, seeing the shifter-boy corpse and then hearing her allies. She greets them and tells them of the darkness under the temple. The group decides to press on anyway.
  • Fenyx checks all the locks on the three doors in the room and discovers that none of them are rigged with traps. They then decide to go into the door on the northwest corner, they enter to discover that the room is empty but has a small hallway connected to it. Tagen-Sai notices that the hallway has a small metal grate at it's base, just like the one used to let the preaching kobold get away. The rest of the group does past hijm into another room which ends with a door, then Tagen-Sai notices fractures in the wall with the grate and summons up his strength to crush the wall. He breaks through the wall to discover he is in a makeshift, Dungeon/Workshop. The six kobold in the room are unprepared and suprised.
  • The group of kobold includes one hobbler, who is equipped with two pairs of magnifying goggles, and has multi-poketed robes covered in belt pouches, hammers hang at his side, two dragon-shields, which are

    Kobold Dragon-shield

    stringer looking the other kobold they have seen, they are wearing scale armor and have large shields, the last three are kobold equipped with javelins and wearing loose-fitting rags, they look as if they ust got there. The group quickly eliminates the three kobold in rags. Tagen-Sai is brought down by one of the dragonshields that then realizes that there will be retribution for his actions and tries to run away, the other Dragonshield cuts into Thoriden's achilies tendon and continues to brutilize both him and tagen-sai. Fenyx focuses on the invertor-looking kobold, because he appears to be a leader of sorts. Raeya yells and bangs on her drums throughout the fight, disorienting many kobold and giving her allies chances to attack, Juliet channels holy light into the kobold and into her allies staying back in a cell with Raeya to stay safe. Eventually the dragonshields are brought down, the last one exploding in the holy light of Thoriden's divine challenge. Fenyx leaves the hobbler alive, albeit incredibly injured.
  • When the hobbler comes to, they interrogate it, he tells them his name is Droixexus and that he is one of this tribes trap builders, he accepts that he is going to die, but tells them they will get more out of him if he is left alive, Tagen-Sai notices the incredible intellect of the creature and continues to interrogate. They find out that the preaching kobold from earlier was this group of kobold's leader, Thraxcanon. Also, that the reason for stealing from Pelandra and the tribe was to sew distrust amongst the two groups. Raeya remembers and tells the group that that is something a green dragon would do, she also remembers a stroy about a Green Dragon killed long ago named Szartharax.
  • They loot the bodies and consider disposing of Droixexus, he tells them that if they let him live he will give them a potion that will let them see the traps in the temple easier. He leads them back to the empty room they were in earlier and opens the door, showing the group the kobold latrine and then shows them a cabint, in the cabinet there are useless supplies, one Potion of Healing, and another Potion Droixexus calls a Potion of Perception.
  • Juliet, who is still uncomfortable with all the death going on around her, tells the group that she will stay back in this saferoom and start crafting holy water, just in case of the darkness under the temple, the group agrees and they close the door on her there.
  • They go back into the workshop and decide to take the eastern door, Tagen-Sai binds Droixexus with rope and puts him in his backpack, Droixexus tells the group that it is nice to finally be around creatures worthy of a conversation. Droixexus warns the group that there is certainly to be an ambush past the door, when asked why he is being so helpful he explains that if Thraxcanon was to see he had lived and hepled at all he would either be killed or devoured by Szartharax.
  • Fenyx cracks the door slowly to see that it leads outside to a coutyard overgrown with very thick forestry, he sees two kobold, one high up in the trees on a wooden platform and another leaning against a tree staring at the door they are about to come out of. Fenyx uses his shadow magic and after the kobold has four shrouds on him they prepare to attack.

Session 5Edit

  • They charge outside and find themselves in a huge overgrown, forested courtyard. Thoriden does battle with a Hobbler Decoy who has the power to lure enemies into his kobold traps. Fenyx uses acrobatics to sling himself up onto the high raised wooden platfrorms that litter the area. He spends most of the combat hidden occasionly strangling kobold with shadow noose, which he uses to pull them off their platforms and to their demise. Raeya is hit by a pot of fire and Tagen-Sai in response flies onto one of the higher platforms and throws off a slinger, Sqwambles charges the creature which due to it's distraction is then killed by Raeya. Raeya watches the life flicker from its eyes and enjoys it. Tagen-sai traverses the raised platforms and encounters a kobold vermin handler, then Droixexus, which Tagen-sai is calling Kolby, warns Tagen-Sai that the vermin handler is stronger vthan others and is a respected figure in the tribe. The Vermin Handler creates a makeshift catapult and catapults a cage of centipedes at Tagen-sai, which he parry's. Tagen-sai kills the handler and then jump tackles a hobbler which is below. Thoriden chases the hobbler decoy he has been fighting across the battlefield eventually being lured ontop of a pit trap which he falls into, then after getting out he pushes the hobbler into the pit and tackles it, pinning it to the ground. The hobblers surender.
  • Droixexus urges the party to spare the hobblers, after some deliberation they cut a deal with the two surviving hobblers, Grabknackle and Kesk, the deal is that they will go ahead and pull the rest of the hobblers out of the temple, and deactivate some of the traps that they had built and aware of. They are gone for fifteen minutes. When they return they are accompanied by six other Kolbold Hobblers and they inform the party that they managed to disarm a few traps along the way, but suspected that they were unable to leave without Traxcanon noticing. After some consideration (and looting), the hobblers, save Droixexus and Grabknackle were allowed to leave.
  • The group then climbs the one ladder in the courtyard that leads to the raised platforms, the platforms connect to the central temple and on the outside of the second floor is an external door. Droixexus and Grabknackle stay in the courtyard below. As the group gets ready to open the second floor door a strange rumbling can be heard. Ignoring it, Fenyx opens the door and enters a hallway riddled with traps. While trying to disarm several Elven statues that bellow flame, he is assaulted by two Kolbold. They throw spears at him. He is able to kill one by dragging it into the fire with Shadow Noose, but when he tries to get closer to take on the other Kobold, he steps on a pressure plate causing a statue at the end of the hall to shoot out a dart, covered in a paralyzing posien. Unable to move, the disarmed statue behind him belows out fire yet again and then Fenyx is assaulted by the remaining Kolbold which hides behind the corner of the hall.
  • Meanwhile, the others race into the hall to lend their support. Squambles stays back in fear of the fire. Raeya disarms a few of the fire traps which lets Tagan-Sai runs past fenyx' paralyzed body and then fly threw the last flames in order to assault the remaining kobold. Upon landing he immediately sees the source of the rumbling, which has been growing louder and louder. A large boulder was barreling down the hall and after shouting out about the appraoching danger he runs towards it and barley manages to hide safely in a doorway. Fenyx tries to run in response to the news but a second dart shoots out of the statue at the end of the hallway and paralyzes him again, then the remaining kobold stabs a javeline through his chest, Fenyx falls unconcious.
  • Raeya darts forward and uses the power of majestic word to revive him, then to protect herself from the oncoming boulder, she climbs behind one of the statues that she has deactivated. It then promptly starts spewing fire again.
  • Thoriden hears of the boulder barreling towards him and in response take two steps back and plants his feet firmly.
  • Fenyx comes to, and stands, a drat fires at him again which he acrobaticaly dodges and then flips through the last flame wall. He lands and bends the pipe that had been shooting the darts in a rage, successfuly breaking the trap. To escape from the oncoming boulder he then hops up on the statue and pummles the remaining Kobold attempting to scramble up the the statue as well. The boulder closes in on the Kobold, the creature dies but not from being crushed but from fire that shoots out from behind it. Tagan-Sai, now on the back end of the boulder, summons a flaming cyclone whihc envelopes the boulder and kills the small reptilain creature.
  • Seeing that Tagen-Sai's attack had made the boulder red hot, and more susceptible to damage, both Fenyx and Raeya slow the boulder with attacks while Thoriden gripps his hammer tightly with both hands. Tagan-Sai starts pelting it from the back with small stones. The Boulder flies at Thoriden and finally with two great swings of his warhammer, he smashes the boulder to pieces, quickly exclaiming that he is "Thoriden Ironhammer, Destroyer of Boulders!"
  • Shortly thereafter Thoriden "disarms" one of the fire breathing stautes by smashing it to pieces. This resulted in an explosion that hurt him. Droixexus come into the hallway and is disgusted by Thoriden destroying such an ancient piece of art. Raeya, who had been so consistent in disarming the statues was now stuck behind one. Eventually the group was able to shut down the traps permenantly and they moved further down the curved hallway on to a very large pair of doors where many Kobold could be heard banging against it and shouting. Droixexus iunformed them that the Hopbblers had locked the doors, as to give the heroes some extra time. Fenyx decided to check out the rest of the hall, but Droixexus warns that the rest is only filled wityh more traps.
  • Tagan-Sai then kicked open the door and shouted profanities at the Kobold and inside the room they had found Traxcanon. The Wyrmpriest looked at them with hatred and cursed at the intruders as the battle begun...

Session 6Edit

  • The huge room was littered with kobold. One Kobold Dragonshield and two Minions were at the door another four kobold were about forty feet back with the Wyrm Priest, Thraxcanon, in the back guarded by another Dragonshield. The Kobold wasted no time in attacking. The Dragonshield immediately went on the offensive and thrust his spear into Tagan-Sai. Tagan took damage, but managed to keep stay his ground and delt a blow of his own.
  • Thoriden charged forward and let loose on a smaller Kobold, killing it but in the process allowed himself to become flanked. One of the reptiles missed, but the other got the hit on him and both quickly retreated.
  • Reaya had Squambles stay back while she hit the Dragonshield with one of her offtune bard songs. Meanwhile the angered Wyrm Priest drank a strange potion and only Fenyx was able to see green flames crackling about the Kobold. Thraxcanon quickly shot forward and shouted some arcane speech that seemed to influence the other kobold near enough to him.
  • Feynx Placed his shrouds on a kobold and then attacked killing it. The Dragonshield went after Thoriden, and atacked the Dwarf bloodying him then retreating to a safe distance.Tagan blasted another minor Kobld to an early death before ragefully starting towards Thraxcanon. Raeya under a suggestion by Feynx tried to close one of the large metal doors and instead ran into it and caused herself to become dazed. Strange scenes that looked almost like alternate realities played in her head.
  • Thoriden, fed up with the Dragonsheid gave chase and with a swing of his hammer, sent the torso of the Kobold flying acroos the room, leaving it's limbs in a bloody pile on the floor. He was then attacked by another smaller Kobold. When he got his next chance to attack he managed to kill the annoying creature in one hit. This seemed to draw the ire of the other kobold as they quickly turned thier attention on him and he was attacked and knocked unconcious.
  • Thraxcanon overconfidently told his guard to deal with the intruders and began to walk away. Feynx who had been stealthily creeping towards the other side of the room quickly used Shadow Noose and drug the Wyrm Priest back. Tagan-Sai, not wanting to see the Priest getaway for a second time, took the opportunity and tackled the Kobold, pinning him to the ground.
  • While the others dealt with the few remaining kobold, Tagen-Sai loast his grip on Traxcanon who squrimed his way out of Tagen's grip and then ran to the statue of Corellon in the back of the room, when he got to the statue he disapeared.
  • Raeya saw through the magic surrounding the statue, and realized that there was an invisible spiral staircase surrounding it, she yelled this out to the party. Thoriden killed a last kobold and charged towards the statue, as did Fenyx, then Tagen-sai summoned up a powerful wind and flew straight into the invisible kobold pushing him off the staircase.
  • The kobold was hanging from the invisible ledge, then when it got back up tagen-sai impaled the creature on his blade and through him over his shoulder. Thraxcanon died on the hard floor below.
  • The party looted the room, finding various oddities on the kobold bodies, then headed upstairs, they found a small room with a broken roof and four barred doorways. The room was full of barrels and crates of various goods, the floor was littered with silver coins and in a corner sat a set of golden armor, which spewed flames out in every direction. Tagen-sai examined the armor and tried to dispell the magic cirlce the armor rested in, then in a bright flash of magic the armor was enveloped in flames and disappeared. Tagen-Sai discovered a bookcase with one ancient book and three moldy scrolls. Upon examining them, he found the Book was a Magic Mouth Ritual, and the scrolls were summon winds, tenser's floating disk, and simbul's conversion.
  • In the room they discovered a large nest which contained three massive green dragon eggs and one broken green dragon egg. They tried to grab as much of the loot as they could, and debated what to do with the dragon eggs, Thoriden found a small rusty necklace, which he believed to be the Trihune Star, and Raeya found a moonstone, which Tagen-Sai then took from her. After taking that which they could thoriden beheaded Thraxcanon, as proof that the group and cleared the temple and done what they said they would do, then Thoriden heads back to grab the massive rug he had found earlier.
  • Tagen-sai and Fenyx debate whether they should sell the eggs, and Thoriden is strictly opposed to it. Eventually they decide to bring one egg and smash the others, fenyx then takes one egg that thoriden thought they were breaking and wraps it and convince Thoriden that it is another kobold corpse, to be used as more proof that they have finished their task.
  • At droixexus' urging they destroy 1 egg and make it look like the kobold did it before they were killed, poisoness fumes exhude from the egg and harm everyone.
  • Tagen-sai carries his egg on his back, Fenyx tricks thordien into carrying the other egg, they load up, go to get Julet to tell her that the deed is done and decide to head out.

Session 7Edit

  • Upon reaching the room where Juliette was in, the group finds the small chamber empty with the only trace of the priestess bing two small drops of blood on a nearby wall. Upon inspecting the wall Raeya and Tagan-Sai find there to be invisible magic runes inscribed on it. Tagan writes down the symbols for later and after trying to smash through the wall, they gave up and decided that the best course of action would be to return to the shifter village and try to figure out a way to find Juliette from there.

Hammer 19th IY322 Godsday

  • They walk outside into the forest and find that it is the morning of the next day
  • The trek trough the forest is a tough one. The group, pressed for time rushes following their tracks from before. Eventually they come to a ravine and all are able to cross it easily save for Thoriden, who is already burdened with a large carpet and the second dragon egg. He decided to knock down an old tree and tries his best to cross over it. With some help from Tagan-Sai and a little divine intervention, he barely makes the cross and the group continues on thier way. Luckily no other problems cross their path and they are able to just make it to the village as the sun sets. They are just able to inform the village Chief before passing out from the long trip.

Hammer 20th IY322 Waterday - Hammer 21st IY322 EarthdayEdit

  • The Chief informs them that there is to be a large celebration thrown in their honor, but that the heroes can not leave for two days. After these two days are up he will confer with the spirits and make sure that the forest is pleased again, and if it is, they can leave.

  • A hunter named Frandral had heard that far southeast from his home there was a dragon in the land. After traveling for many moons and asking around in each place he stopped he eventully makes it to Treeson's tribal grounds, when he asks the ribespeople they tell him that if there was anyone who would know about that it would be the five that had recently head depp into the woods. Frandral waits for there return, he tries to talk with them the night of their return, but to much is going oon for this conversation to transpire.

  • The next day Fenyx sneaks off and burries his secret egg on the outskirts of town.

  • Droixexus (who did not enjoy sleeping outsde the town by himself) tries to sneak into town, but when he is caught in a panic he pretends to be an alligator, raeya convinces the tribe that he is in fact their pet alligator and takes him back to the hut that Chief Tunarthi was letting them stay in.

  • Frandral introduces himself.

  • As night time rolls around the festivities begin

  • During the festiities the heroes take from the spirit pipe yet again, except for Fenyx.

  • Raeya sees her parents, who tell her that she was a burden

  • Thoriden speaks with the spirit of his brother, His brother tells him to abandon his divine lifestyle and to tae up a primal one. He then takes thoriden to Stoneroot, stoneroot tells Thoriden that if thoriden wishes to find Juliet, then he must speak with the Deepwinds.

  • Frandral encounters the mother spirits of the woman that he has had trysts with. Then suddenly is brought in front of a massive dwarf with a red beard. The Dwarf speaks with him and then Frandral is presented with a rabbit spirit that tells him "A wanderers path is a path that wanders, wander the wandering path and you will no longer need to wander"

  • Tagen-Sai is taken to the exact same tribal grounds yet aged thourghly, he travels forward in time and sees that the tribal grounds will be destroyed by hordes of undead, in fifteen years. An Angel of prophecy comes before him and explains that what he has seen is true, and is not the work of the primal spirits, but of the gods, Ioun in particular. he tells Tagen-Sai "The children of Ioun have wandered far from the path, and have brought this upon the world"

  • Fenyx who is not smoking, waits for his friends to sober up, then his shadow speaks to him and tells him that it needs more. Suddenly after it stops, everyone gets up and without a word all hurry to their next destinations and goals, leaving Fenyx alone.

  • Tagen-Sai goes to Verra, the elf protector of the temple of the stas nd inquires into the vision that he saw, she explains that no one will believe him, that undead are not real, and that it is very serious, she gives him a holy symbol of corellon.

  • Frandral and Thoriden go to Avrosteng the spiritual advisor of the tribe and inquire into their individual spirit journeys. That rabbit is explained as a trickster spirit and the deepwinds are the only primal spirits of the underdark, meaning that that is where juliet is. She is saddened by the news and reveals that there is very little hope for juliet.

  • Raeya goes back to the hut to cry herself to sleep.

  • She finds droixexus there already asleep and when fenyx come in he tells her about what happened to him. She is to distraught to have an opinion, eventually everyone trickles back in and goes to sleep.

Session 8Edit

Hammer 22st IY322 FreedayEdit

  • When Raeya wakes up she is still distraught, everyone tries to make her feel better. Fenyx and Squambles team up and make her realize, "Maybe I don't even have parents" which makes her feel much better.
  • Frandral sees that the Chief Tunarthi is going out to hunt. Frandral really wants to talk to the heroes but can ot help himself. The chief allows him to come along, eventually the chirf does battle with a dire wolf, frandral shoots three wolves off of the chif but then gets his throat bitten by one. He almost dies. The chief helps him back to camp and admires his bravery and his stupidity.
  • The other heroes get food and drink and prepare for the journey back to Pelandra.
  • Before they leave Tagen-sai and Raeya ask around the village to see if they can find the father of the dead shifter boy they found in the temple. When they find him, Tagen-sai shows Ragdeer the necklace he got from the boy. The father is grief stricken and tells them that they can have his ht and everything in it. He then prepares to leaave and go to the temple. Raeya and Tagen warn him he will not survive the journey, he says he is ok with that and he then leaves.
  • They accept payment in acorns from Chief Tunarthi and then they find mmore acorns inside the newly accquired hut.
  • Fenyx goes to dig up the egg he hid, but when he goes back it is now missing, he downplays it to the team so they wont know he had a dragon egg.
  • Raeya casts travelers chant so they will travel faster. Thy cut through the woods quickly, Tagen-sai pulls a cart full of their new acquisitions, the rest walk along side him, albeit much faster due to Raeya's ritual.
  • they exit the forest around 5pm and find the Pela-____ trade road.
  • after traveling the road for 2 or more hours they see two carts up ahead which stop moving once they see the heroes.
  • Fenyx and frandral hide and prepare for an ambush, thoriden, Raeya and Tagen-sai stand in the front of their cart with their weapons drawn. Raeya draws a sword she had picked up from the kobold and with a smile let Tagen-sai know, "Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you, I'm a Swordmage!" A halfling and a human approach the heroes, tagen-sai makes sure that they can see the fact he is holding his weapon. Thoriden urges Tagen to not do anything stupid, because these people might just be merchants. They talk with the smooth talking halfling, but then thoriden sees that the human as radient burn scars on his face and inquires into how the human got them, the man then pulls a mace off his back and charges in anger. Thoriden braces for a counter-attack, shield and hammer at the ready. Tagen-sai and Raeya stand back to back, blades at the ready with the crackle of sword magic bouncing blade to blade. Fenyx is the shadow of the cart and Frandral stalks through the forest with his bow drawn taught, arrows already aimed at the back of the heads of his soon to be prey.

Session 9Edit

  • Frandral lets loose his arrow which sinks into the humans eye. The man stumbles forward and screams, grabbing his face. Thordien grabs the man and then fenyx drains his vitality leaving nothing but a shriveled corpse.
  • the halfling runs into the woods atfer attcking Tagen-sai, Tagen attempts to find him.
  • More people come out of the carts, a mage and two brutes. Frandral fires three arrows in a matterr of seconds, pinning the mage to the ground and pushing the two armored men far from him.
  • Raeya shows her hand at swordmagic, making enemies stuble about the battlefied while squambles and eclisse take to the air.
  • Droixexus hides in their own cart, counting the coins they have collected.
  • Frandral in knowcked unconscious, but then saved by thoriden, Frandral scrambles outside the line of fire of the agitated mage who has been stuck to the ground for many minutes.
  • After failing to connect many times, Tagen-sai in a fit of rage sumons a flaming cyclone in the woods the halfling hides in, the halfling srrenders, claing thatsai thatt he will cal off his guards. Tagen-sai does not tt the mans voice, but decides to give himm the benifit of the doubt, he then sees the halfling has a dagger hidden in his sleeve. Tagen-sai shoves his sword deep in his torso and casts burning blade inside the man. He explodes.Tagen tells the group that these warriors are highwaymen, the heroes then kill the rest of the bandits.
  • Thoriden takes very fine crafted dwarven made boots off of the remaining limbs of the halfling. The rest loot the carts, one of which is pulled by an oxe, the other is pulled by an extremely old emaciated mare. Raeya names the mare Bubbles and takes care of her. In the carts they fine a lot of copper pieces two gold pieces and a handul of silver pieces as well as clothes, a bow and a quiver of arrows that did not belong to any of the bandits. They also find a naked beautiful dead red-head girl. Frandral notices that three of the arrows in the quiver afre of a particuarly strange make.
  • The heroes unload there cart into the two covered wagons they had acquired and set out for pelandra, they travel for a little while and then find an area that they believ will be safe for the night, frandral finds a river and hunts for some food with fenyx. Everyone sleeps and frandral has a restless night due to his neck wounds.

Session 10Edit

Hammer 23rd IY322 StardayEdit

  • They wake up early and head out, continuing along the path to Pelandra
  • Frandral's neckwound has him mostly incapacitated, so herests in the back of one of the carts.
  • Along the way, they see a traveler walking the same directon as they were already traveling, They stop alongside the hooded traveler, who is a dragonborn. He tells them his name is Keliv. Keliv is traveling to Pelandra as well, in order to talk to Mother Sunfellow. The group decides that he can ride along with them for some gold.
  • They travel for six more hours and along the way Fenyx notices a strange crater out in the woods. They take a small break and Fenyx, Raeya, Tagen-Sai and Keliv go to investigate the burnt woods and the crater, leaving Thoriden to watch over Frandral.
  • Tagen-Sai sinces a malevolence coming from the crater and warns the group not to touch it, at the bottom of the hole is a rectangular impression. Raeya tries to sense what type of magic is causing the malevolence and is bombarded by terrifying brain rending visions. With her head still resounding with pain, she tells the others to abandon the hole. Fenyx picks up a stone and throws it in the crater, the rock imeediately turns insie out and disentegrates. They leave the crater.
  • They travel some more and come upon Pelandra, Fenyx hides under one of the carts, as to not be seen by the gaurds who work the town's gate. Tagen-sai leaves the carts and goes forward to inquire wether the town has a bounty out on the highwaymen they had killed earlier, the guards show him the list which does not appear to reference the men. Tagen-sai warns the guard that there is a corpse of a young woman in one of the carts, and that they had found her like that with the badits supplies. The carts roll forward and the guards investigate them. The group lies about the contents f the rolled up carpet, and the guards never notice that concealed inside of it is a dragon egg. The headguard calls the town doctor to look at the corpse. While the heroes wait the doctyor comes and tries to identify her, he then inquires into frandral's neck wound. The group lets the doctor take frandral off their hands and the doctor tells them that frandral will be staying at his office over night.
  • The cart with the woman and the ox are left with the guards, the supplies are all moved into one cart and then, lead by Bubbles the group head torwards the Church of Summer's Bounty.
  • When the heroes get to the church, Mother Sunfellow is in the middle of a sermon. After she is done they aproach her and tell her that they failed at protecting Juliet but succeeded in quelling the animosity in the Pineyre tribe. Sunfellow tells them that it was Juliet's mission to quell the animosity, their's was just to keep her safe andf because they had failed they would recieve no reward. Sunfellow is furious but understanding.
  • Keliv decides to talk to Sunfellow about his "affliction" later, when she is not mourning the loss of a priestess.
  • The heroes argue some more about the fate of the dragon egg, and then it is decide that they will sell the egg on the black market, then Fenyx will tail the buyer and using his superior stealth will slather poison on hits shell in order to kill the baby dragon inside. Thoriden understands that he can not talk his teammated out of this decisioin and warns them that no good can come from this exchange so he leaves the group and heads towards the nearest inn, where he staying the night. Keliv who also does not condone the selling of the egg decides to stay with the group in order to make sure nothing goes wrong, and that the dragon is killed after it is sold.
  • The Heroes head towards the bad part of town where the halflings and kenku live. Once there they see that there is a Vistani traveling roadshow in town. The heroes had just missed the last show, but Tagen-Sai and Raeya are interested in talking to the Vistani in order to learn the whereabouts of their former troupe. Fenyx seperates from the groupin order to see if he can find any buyers for the egg, Keliv goes with him to ensure that all goes well.
  • Tagen-Sai is reminded how much he hates dealing with Vistani and Raeya feels right at home as the two work there way through various vistani leaders until the get to talk to the Patron Mother. She tells them that she knows not where their former troop is, but that they should get Bloodbonded, and inherit the power of the vistani, Tagen-sai says no, and Raeya says that she wont unless it is with her own troop. The Patron Mother than tells them that becuase they were once guest of the vistani that they will always be guest. She then tells them that if they need any help her tribe will glady aid them. Tagen-Sai and Raeya thank her and then leave to see the nights festivities.
  • When thoriden first goes to lay his head there is a knocking on his door. Thoriden puts his armor back on and answers the door. There is a messenger from Duke Hubblekin that tells Thoriden that the duke wishes to speak with him. Thoriden says that he wants to go find his traveling partners first, to which the messenger syas thta the duke only wishes to speak with Thoriden. Thoriden notices that it is about eleven PM and that this is a very strange time for a Duke to want to talk with someone. Thoriden follows the messengers anyway. Once Thoriden gets past the massive castle wall to the Hubbelkin estate he is greeted by guards that then lead him through beautiful castle gardens, far more beautiful than anything in the rest of Pelandra, outside of the Church of Summers Bounty. Once Thoriden makes it inside of the mansion he is immediatly greeted by Hubblkin. Hubblekin lets Thoriden know that he is aware of what the group did at Pineyere and that he thinks they did good work. Thoriden tells hubblekin that he has never set foot in Pelandra before and that he is confused why Hubblekin chose to speak to him out of all of them. Hubblekin explains that he does not deal with dirty races, but has no problem paying them for their work. He introduces Thoriden to his friends and bodyguards, Greg Torbok and Lucian Orcslayer. Then when hubblekin leaves to grab drinks the two talk to Thoriden and try to learn some about him. Greg interupts Thoriden every time he speaks and conpliments him on his shoes mulitple times. When Hubblekin returns he offers Toriden 2,000 gold for a favor. The favor is to travel to Wileven and find the Archmage Acertoran; Thoriden asks why Hubblkin is willing to pay so much for something so simple. Lucian than explains that Acertoran has a nasty habbit of blowing up messengers. Thoriden thanks Hubblekin for the offer but tells him that he needs to talk with his teammates first, Hubblekin says that there is no harm in lying about the payment, that way Thoriden can pocket the largest portion of the gold. Thoriden is escorted back to the Inn by Lucian Orcslayer.
  • Fenyx finds the same crazy Kenku that helped him find the Church of Summer's Bounty originally, he pays the Kenku to find him buyers for the dragon egg. The Kenku returns an hour later with two halfling scoundrals. The halflings tell fenyx that they wont talk while Keliv is still around. Keliv leaves to watch people dance around the campfires. The halflings tell Fenyx that their boss is meeting with some other merchants at about 2 AM in a warehouse on the east side of town.
  • Meanwhile Keller comes and sits next to Keliv and talks to him about being a dragonborn and fighting the urge to rule over others, Keliv does not feel for the old man or his messages, eventually Keller tells Keliv to enjoy things and enjoy the night. Than Keliv starts being acosted by a smooth-talking halfling who really wants keliv to gamble. Keliv refuses him five times even after being reminded that Dragonborn invented Three Dragon Ante.
  • Eventually Fenyx gets the group back together and tells them that they have a buyer interested in the dragon egg. They head over to the warehouse and once inside they are greeted by three Noble Merchants in the darklit warehouse. The heroes present their egg and the merchents examine it, they refuse to buy the egg because it is too close to hatching and would be to large of a liability if they were planning on selling it again.
  • Just as the heroes turn to leave the exchange, a loud mouth halfling slips in with three bodyguards and tells the merchant that he is sorry he is late, Keliv recognizes him as the Halfling that wouldn't take no for an answer earlier. The halfling tells the group that he is interested in the egg but wants to see it first, he examines it and tells them that he will buy it for 50 gold. Fenyx argues that it is worth 1000, and the halfling says that this would be true if it wasn't so close to hatching. The the halfling cuts them a deal, he says that he will play Three Dragon Ante for the egg. If he wins then he gets the egg for free. If one of them wins, then he will pay 1000 for the egg. the heroes agree and the game starts.
  • Everyone buys in with 30 gold, and fenyx lends gold to his teammates that do not have that much. as they play the game Gebby the Gambler starts off striong winning much of their money but focusing on playing eveil dragons, Raeya picks up on the game quickly and steals large sums of money from the pot using the same techniques as the gambler. Keliv loses out early followed by Tagen-Sai, Fenyx stays in almost purley do to cheating, but the gambler never notices. Then Fenyx makes a massive push and steals the rest of the pot, just as the Gambler wins that round which knocks out Raeya, Once it is just down to Fenyx and Gebby, Fenyx gets two back to back color flights that cement his victory. Fenyx calmly asks for his 1000 gold, and Gebby nervously explains that he does not carry that type of money on him. He then yells out for his guards and orders them to kill the heroes. He then explains, no hard feelings but I want that egg.

Session 11Edit

  • While Frandral is resting with the town medic he hears soliders moving through the streets, he looks out his wndow to see that this is in fact correct and he sildes out the window and follows them.
  • The Merchant nobles hide as battle breaks out in the warehouse, one merchant faints. Keliv, Raeya, Fenyx, and Tagen-Sai fight off the Halfling bandit and his mercenary-bodyguards, some of which are human and some which are halflings. The gambler tries to get away but Tagen-Sai follows in pursuit and then an arrow flies and pierces the man right in between the eyes, the heroes look up to see frandral perched up on a higher part of the warehouse he yells down and warns them that the townguard is coming.
  • Tagen-Sai lets one female halfling mercenary live while raeya and Fenyx hide, then one of the bandits picks up the dragon egg and makes a run for it, Frandral aims and lets loose his arrow which catches the mans leg and causes him to fall forward crushing the egg and breaking his neck.
  • A green dragon wrymling slides across the floor and then shivers into life. The dragons large wings unfurl and it attempts to fly, then after getting a good running start it flies up and breaks through one of the warehouse's upper windows.
  • Keliv runs outside and yells towards the Wyrmling in draconic, telling it to return.
  • The guards approaching the warehouse (who are coming because they have been tipped off about a black market exchange see the Green Wyrmling fly off into the night, they question their superior officer (Greg Torbok) whther they should pursue the dragon but he reminds them that their mission is to arrest the outsiders who are doing illegal trading.
  • When Torbok and his troops get to the warehouse he tells the heroes and the merchant nobels that if they put down their weapons, and do not resist that they will be released peacfully after questioning. Keliv and Tagen-Sai agree, and Raeya crawls out of her barrel in order to be aprehended as well, Fenyx remains in hiding due to his race and Frandral continues to hide from his high up vantage point. As the guards move forward to arrest the Halfling mercenary that Tagen-Sai spared she tells Tagen-Sai to resist arrest because Hubblekin tortures his prisoners, Tagen-Sai believes her and nonchalantl tells Torbok that he can walk himself. When Torbok tells his troops to aprehend everyone by force with a bloodthirsty snarl Raeya take off running upstairs and Keliv, with his eye still on the sky runs off upstairs as well. Tagen-Sai reignites his blade and takes it to the inside walls of the warehouse, and as it catches on fire he flys up to catch up with his compatriots.
  • The Dragon flys back into the burning building in response to kelivs cry and the Wyrmling asks Keliv where its mother is. Keliv responds "Help us out of here and we will talk".
  • The Dragon attacks Greg Torbok, which buys the heroes enough time to jump across to the roof of the other building, When Keliv is last to jump, he does not clear the gap but th the wrymling flies under him and pushes him up enough so that Keliv can scrmble on up the ledge.
  • Some troops try to follow while others follow on the ground, trying to keep an eye on the heroes above.
  • The heroes eventually find a spot to hide for a while and discuss where they should head if they are going to survive, Raeya suggests the Vistani traveling roadshow in the bad part of town and everyone agrees. They start rying to head there and are spotted by more troops. These soldiers throw up ladders but Keliv and Tagen-sai see to it that the troops don't make it up.
  • When the heroes get to the north east part of town they encounter Lucian Orcslayer and a handful of his troops up on the rooftop. Fenyx and Tagen-sai see that Lucian's blade contains very potent magic and Frandral attempts to steal it, Lucian punches frandral in the nose, breaking his nose and causing a compound fracture in his face. Then Fenyx tries to steal the blade and succeeds, in response Lucian counterattacks and easily wins his blade back, Tagen-Sai charges forward and holding the poisoness mushroom given to him by Chieftan Tunarthi he attacks trying to shove the thing in Lucians throat, it burns Orcslayers hand a bit and Fenyx summons his cloud of darkness over Lucian in order to have the upper hand he tries to steal the blade again and Lucian yells, Enough!" using the blade he summons a tornado which picks up Fenyx and Tagen-Sai and throws them to the ground.
  • After deciding that he is to tough an enemy to fight head on, the two out manuever him and land up on the roof of the next building over, here Keliv Raeya and Frandral had already been through. Raeya ges to the encampment and tells the vistani that she is going to cash in on her vistani heritage and that they need to hide their for the night. The Vistani HighMother agrees and lets them. Once everyone makes it to the camp A vistani Human named Bo-Bo tells them to hide on their stage, and explains that it is enchanted, they can not be found their unless they wish to be found their.
  • The heroes rest for the night, thinking about Droixexus and Thoriden.

Session 12Edit

Hammer 24th Iy322 SundayEdit

  • Thoriden wakes up to find himself in a dungeon strapped to a rack. An attractive Half-elf woman leans over his body and draws a finger down his bare chest. She asks him to tell her all that he knows about the blackmarket exchange that occured on the east side of town, when Thoriden says he knows nothing she cranks the rack and stretches thoriden out. Confused, he screams out in pain.
  • Bo-bo the vistani scoundral comes into the stage area and Fenyx wakes from his trance to speak to him. Bo-bo says that there is someone outside that wishes to speak with the drow. Fenyx asks who it is and Bo-Bo responds that it is a kenku who calls himself Kektark. Fenyx recognizes this as the kenku who has helped him for a small fee twice now. Fenyx leaves the stage and finds the kenku.
  • Kektark tells fenyx that he has "big-big" news. That he will tell fenyx for a good price. When fenyx inquires how big the news is, the kenku replys ten gold good. Fenyx pays Kektark who the tells fenyx that their dwarf friend his being held in the govenor's mansion against his will. Fenyx thanks kektark and goes back inside the stage, he wakes up the others and tells them that Thoriden is being held as a prisoner. They debate what they should do and whether or not the kenku is lying. Tagen-Sai doesn't particularily care, but then Bo-Bo drops in and tells them he couldn't help but over-hear and if they are planning a coup into the Govenor's Mansion that he can help them because he has been inside it as an entertainer before. The guards would recognize him and would most likely let him through. When asked why he would want to help he tells them he would no mind stealing the valuables of Hubblekin, who already has too many.
  • Tagen-Sai, Fenyx and Frandral all like the sound of stealing valuables from the Duke, and then Tagen-Sai gets an Idea which he shares with Raeya. She likes the sound of the Idea, and they start working it out together.
  • Bo-Bo gets them all Vistani garments that way the town guard who are no doubt looking for them from the night before will not recognize them, much less interact with them due to the fact that they look like vistani.
  • Tagen-Sai and Raeya sneak towards Bar-Knuckle Bar and Brewery (The bar that she had frequented during her stay in Pelandra)
  • Fenyx, Bo-Bo, Keliv and Frandral all disguised as vistani head directly to the Gevenors Mansion. Once there Bo-Bo does the talking and convinces the primary guards to let them inot the building albeit with a guard acompanying them at all times, the guards also require that they give up their weapons which will be stored until they leave. The heroes agree except for Keliv who plays off his staff as a walking stick.
  • Meanwhile Thoriden continues to be tortured by the hal-elf woman who calls herself Elizze. She ask him things that are fairly sensical but also asks him opinion questions, anytime he gets a question "wrong" or "lies" she pulls the rack more taught. After some time of this Thoriden is close to death but never gives up hope in Moradin. At one point a kobold in another cell yells out for Elizze to be nice, which sends Elizze into a rage. This kobold calls herself Meesah.
  • Tagen-Sai and Raeya reach the bar and start talking to Hardtackle Breaknoser and the rest of the bars occupants, they tell everyone that Hubblekin's personal bodygurad and general, Greg Torbok is in fact a Half-orc (A fact noticed by Frandral the night before) The drunken barfolk get hot about this fact and start to from a bit of a mob. Tagen-Sai tels them to go wake friends, family and neighbors, and to get a proper lynch mob going. The two then head for the Church of Summer's Bounty.
  • Meanwhile inside the govenor's mansion Keliv convinces one of the guards that he needs to use the bathroom and thus leads the guard away from Frandral, Fenyx and Bo-Bo. Keliv stays in the bathroom for a very long time using his canteen to fake a constant stream. The gurad starts tp get worried for Keliv.
  • Raeya and Tagen-Sai make it to The Church of Summers Bounty, once there they crawl on top of the building and they tell droixexus to go hide with the Vistani until what is about to happen blows over. Once on top of the building Raeya gets behind the giant copper sun and uses her latent talent to produce Ghost Sounds to create a booming voice with a massive reach who tells the town that Greg Torbok is a half-orc that must be punished for his crimes and that Hubblekin has been hiding this fact and must be shown as the liar he really is. This display causes a massive crowd to form around the church, then Tagen-Sai infuses his own words with magic and tells the surrounding crowd that they are leading the charge to bring Hubblekin and his lies to justice. Luckily the peasents in town are mostly sick of Hubblekin as is and need very little reason to form a mb, so they do.
  • Inside the mansion Raeyas "god" voice can be heard by the guards, the one guarding Keliv tells him to stay and that he will be right back, and then he leaves to see what exactly is happening. Frandral, Fenyx and Bo-Bo take this as their cue to start searching the mansion for valuables. Fenyx goes looking for Thoriden and Frandral and Bo-Bo head in opposite directions in order to steal things. Keliv then starts heading towards the dungeon in hopes of finding Thoriden. Keliv encounters a Dragonborn guard who is not investigating the hapenings outside, Keliv tells him to go check it out and the Dragonborn respnds that he only has one job and that is to guard the Dungeon from escapees and intruders. Keliv hears Thordien scream out in pain and tells the dragonborn that he is getting in there.
  • Tagen-Sai and Raeya lead a massive mob to the walls of the govenor's estate just as it stars to rain, the lynch mob is furious and wants to see Greg Torbok hang. On their way there they see Keller and Mother Sunfellow in a horse drawn cart. Sunfellow is still disapointed in them and she tells them that she thinks what they are doing will cause unneccesary violence and is brash and stupid, but that Hubblekin is a worse man than they know, and that if he was removed from office a great good will have been done for Pelandra.
  • Keliv unleashes an icy torrent upon the Dragonborn guard who after seeing Kelivs scales then turn white asks, "what are you?" Keliv and the dragon born fight in the hallway, just as Fenyx reaches the dungeons other door and opens it just in time to see Thoriden break the binding on his right arm. Thoriden is bruised and bloodied but he reaches up and grabs Elizze and tells her to unbind him. The three cells in the dungeon all tell fenyx to free them, Fenyx turns into a shadowy mist and sneaks towards the door, all the while placing shrouds on Elizze. Meesah jumps up just high enough to see outside her cell through a slit in the door, she then yells out which causes a planar rift which temporarily farrys her and thoriden to the feywild, then places them back adjacent to Elizze. Thoriden looks down and thanks the kobold who has just appeared beside him. Elizze pulls out a dagger and a whip and starts dodging between these people all the while inflicing massive pain upon Thoriden and company.
  • Guards line the tops of the castel wall, all ready with bows. Then Lucian Orcslayer jumps off the top of the wall and lands in front of Tagen-Sai he tells Tagen that this is pointless and that the mob should turn and go home now, he tells him that the truth will come out and the citezenry will turn against Tagen and his allies, He then offers to settle this like gentlemen, he won't let the guards fire arrows into the crowd if Tagen-Sai agrees to fight him one on one without the aid of Raeya or the mob. Tagen-Sai agrees and Lucian takes a hard step triggering the magic in his ancient boots and them the ring wrn on his right hand glows brigh and makes a protective force field as a sphere around him and Tagen-sai, so the rain and the mob are now just muted noises. Everytime Tagen-Sai attacks Lucian easily parries or dodges.
  • Frandral passes Bo-Bo in the castle, Bo-Bo is wearing a crown and has a massive amount of loot in a burlap sack he tells frandral that the remaining loot is in the next area. Frandral gets into the bare room which has been stripped of literally everything except for one small pouch which contains goggles and two amethyst. While frandral is examining the velvet pouch he hears troops and the familiar voice of Torbok, he looks around the corner to see Torbk talking up his soldiers, then Torbok sees Frandral and charges. Frandral readies for a dodge and when Torbok charges again frandral rols out of the way and takes off sprinting, Torbok furiously yells about Frandral takin form his lord as Frandral hides. Torbok passes him and Frandral takes off the other direction. Torbko gets down on all fours and runns with near supernatural speed, but Frandral ends up hiding in a window and when Torbok passes he opens the window and inches along the wall of the estate just holding on to the edge of the building.

Session 13Edit

  • Tagen-sai and Lucian Orcslayer duel farely for quite a while, but Tagen-sai knows that he can not win; once he gets closer to Raeya he tells her to "do something" she then has a memory of seeing a map of Pelandra which gives her an idea. Raeya sneaks off into the crowd, heading towards Orcslayer's home. Mother Sunfellow tries to call out towards Lucian, telling him how he used to be such a good boy.
  • Frandral crawls along the length of the wall and pulls himself up with the archers who are aiming down at the mob, he is now equipped with some weapons he picked up in the manor's armory. Frandral tries to talk some of the archers out of working for Hubblekin, stating that the man is a tyrant and has a half-orc in his employ, and that a good leader wouldn't have his troops aimed at the citizenry, the soldiers mostly ignore him.
  • Elizze is very angry that Meesah is out ofher cell and tries to kill her, then remembering the greater issue she starts trying to incapacitate thoriden, her dagger cuts into his belly as her whip snags off some of missah's scales. Meesah heals thoriden using some unknown magic and she the shoots a bolt of magic at Elizze that makes the domineering torturess believe it came from the back of the room, Meesah hides behind the near-naked thoriden and Elizze focuses on the amorphous blob of shadow in the back of the room.
  • The other door to the dungeon burst open and lightning shoots into the room, the a dragonborn guard falls onto the floor as little more than charred remain and liquified flesh, Keliv enters the room and aims his magic at Elizze. Fenyx unlocks one of the cell doors, of a man who claims he can help take the torturer down. When the door opens a 7'4 Bugbear comes out he immmediatly charges towards elizze and attempts to strangle her.
  • Raeya finds Lucian's home and sneaks in through a window she tries to sense if there is any arcana present in the house and can only sense it coming from a small pot on top of the hearth, she picks it up sencing its importance and sneaks back out. On the way back towards Tagen-sai's battle she throws down her torch on Lucian's property.
  • Lucain and Tagen-sai keep locking blades and blocking eachothers attacks with Lucian only connecting three times with light cuts and Tagen-sai only getting a shoulder stab once, then Raeya shows up and while the rain falls down from above she yells at him to put down his sword. Lucian looks up to see what Raeya is holding and fear spreads through his face. He tells her that she does not know what she is holding and that she should put it down before she gets hurt, she says that she will break it unless Lucian puts down his sword. Lucian turns off his forcefield and dashes towards her quickly he yanks the pot away and the Tagen-sai takes it back from Lucian. Lucian easily steals it back but Raeya jumps up and grabs it again and runs. She yells for Lucian to put down his sword and he screams back, "I can not put down this sword! This sword belonged to my father and surrendering to the likes of heathen scum like you would disgrace his honor, Now you, put down my fathers ashes before your forced to see the actions of a desperate man". Raeya holds the pot still, but is moved by Lucian's feeling for his deceased father, before she puts it don or throws it to break it, Lucian snatches the pot and looks towards Tagen-sai. Lucian orders the guards on the wall to fire into the crowd, and then and in response they do. As townspeople start to die Lucian says to Tagen-sai, "We were playing fair, but you cheated and now so will I," Lucian bolts off as arrows continue to fire into the crowd. Tagen-sai tries to follow but Lucian runs up the forty foot wall and dissapears.
  • Frandral starts taking out the archers and then the topmost window on the Hubblekin estate opens up and Duke Hubblekin himself starts walking outside into the rain, Frandral turns and starts to aim at the dukes head. Hubblekin starts monalogueing about the foreignors that have ruined his city in one night saying, " My people look at what you are doing. My soldiers lower your arms; I didn't give you orders to fire. Look at you brother against brother, and why? because outsders have told you one of your own is not what he appears to be?" Frandral waits for the perfect shot, "Some of you have worked alongsde Greg Torbok, and all of you owe your lives to him, It was he who repelled the wyverns last Kordsday and he who lead our guards against the Ravens of Deaights path." Frandral grabs one of the mysterious black arrows he picked up from the roadside bandits and aims it.
  • The bugbear, Meesah, Thoriden, Keliv and Fenyx all battle Elizze and finally it is fenyx who incapacitates her, Fenyx then walks up to the Bugbear. The bugbear introduces himself as Stranglar and he thanks fenyx for picking the lock on his cell, Fenyx gives the unconscious Elizze to Stranglar and says, "here, Ghave fun". Elizze is then strapped down on the torturing wrack and left with stranglar. Fenx debates wether to let the other inmate go, but then Meesah says that she knows why the other lady is in a cell, its because she drowned her children. they then leave the dungeon and try to get up to the surface. Thoriden grabs a weapon and keliv leads them up to the frnt of the manor.
  • The mob starts to turn against Taigen-sai and company and Mother Sunfellow tells Raeya and Tagen that they are about to loose there chance to get rid of the despot, Hubblekin. Tagen-sai grabs Raeya and Mother Sunfellow and flies over the wall taking trying to get them to safety from the archers arrows.
  • Hubblekin continues his speech, " These people who you align yourselves with, they are vistani assassins sent by the bandits of The Kings Itch to come and cause the civil discord you see here, How do I know? I spoke with the dwarf amongst their ranks, a sellsword! who could not say no to my gold! He told me of their three assassins, An elemental a hidden-folk and a dro-" then Hubblkin is far enough out on his balconey that Frandral lets loose the arrow at hubblekin's head it misses. Instead hitting the wall behind him, and it explodes into a perfect cloud of darkness. Then frandral heas the beat of giant wings and turns to see a small dragon shoot past heading for the tower.
  • Keliv and company run through the halls of the buiding and reach the first floor they run through the open room and see that soldiers are coming towards them (enable to get Raeya and Tagen-sai) they run from the soldiers and thro open the front manor doors, where they are exposed to the rain and the open courtyard. They see Tagen-sai desend to the ground, with Raeya and Mother Sunfellow on his arms he lets them go and tells Keliv and company that the crowd is on Hubblekin's side.
  • They then look up in response to a cloud of darkness enveloping the upper tower. Thenmighty green wyrmling that they saw earlier hovers in front of the open balconey and its eyes flash purple. When the darkness clears Hubblkin's eyes glow purple and he slowly walks towards the dragon and walks off the balconey, plummeting the six stories and landing with a "crunck" in the courtyard. Meesah lets loose a "Oooohh Dragon!" and the mighty beast flies over head letting his poiseness breathweapon sweep over the manor walls coverin the guards in thick green noxious air. Tagem-Sai yells, "we gotts get outof here!" then Mother Sunfellow says that she can cast the ritual to let them escape, but then realizes it is not on her, it is in the cart on the other side of the wall.
  • Greg Torbok runs outside, high on the castle walls and start yelling at half the troops to take out the dragon and the other half to aim down at the evil foreignors who let the dragon into town, as the arrows start flying Greg himself jumps down into the courtyard, decked out in full plate armor and Thoridens magic boots. Raeya lets loose squambles into the air, and one of the archers shoots at him, he dodges the arrow and jkeeps flying, he lands on the the cart on the other side and looks around for whatever it was Raeya described, luckily she knows her pet well enough that he successfully grabs the right thing and then flies back. Greg charges at the group and then Squambles drops the ritual scroll into Mother Sunfellows hands, she starts to perform the fitual and a bright golden hole appears on the ground. she tells everyone to get in.
  • The dragon flies by after seeing keliv and tackles Greg Torbok, to slow him down, Greg in response grabs the dragons wing and thows him into the wall. The group tries to pick up hubblekin to see if he is alive, but then the dragon lets loose his breath weapon again, catching both hubblekin and fradral in the blast. Hubblkins skin starts to boil and liquify and frandral is knocked unconscious Tagen-sai jumps through the portal with thoriden and raeya. Then Greg torbok sashes Mother Sunfellow's right shin with his mace and picks her unconscious body up by the broken leg sying, "I have been waiting to do that for a very long time." Keliv jumps through the porta and yells out to the dragon. Fenyx sees the portal closing and decides to act quickly he jumps up the castle wall and grabs frandrals unconscious body, he then uses shadow magic on torbok which allows him to grab Sunfellow form him, Fenyx jumps in the closing portal and as Greg jumps in to follow the green dragon swoops down and tackles him once more.
  • the group falls into the center of an impossibly large building, it is brightly lit and enirely gold and white, they see the shaved heads of hundereds of monks around them. First Tagen-sai with Raeya upon his shoulder, than the little Meesah, then the broken, bloodied, bruised, and near-naked Thoriden, Then Keliv, curiosity on his face as he stares back towards where once there was a dragon and then Fenyx the drow with an incapacitated halfef on one shoulder and the bleeding Mother Sunfellow on the other.