Atropus The World Born DeadEdit

A vast primordial of undeath, and spawner of atropals.

Alu Kahn Sang Wind of DestructionEdit

A vast, raging dust storm in the Elemental Chaos.

Ben-Hadar The Valorous TempestEdit

The achromental lord of good sea creatures.

Chan The Silent OneEdit

The achromental queen of good air creatures.

Crystalle King of MineralsEdit

The achromental prince of mineral creatures.

Ehkahk The Smoldering DukeEdit

The achromental prince of smoke creatures and ruler of Fume .

Gazra The Shifting EmperorEdit

The achromental prince of ash creatures.

Iktha-Lau The Ever EmptyEdit

Primordial of nothingness, uncaring and remote.

Murgremir The Rotting HillEdit

Primordial of muck and decay who haunts the Blackmire.

Sun Sing Viceroy of the VoidEdit

The achromental associated with darkness and emptiness.

Sunnis the True StoneEdit

The achromental patron of the Underdark; venerated by Svirfneblin and Stonechildren.

Ty-h'kadi Prince of Thunder and LightningEdit

Storm primordial and rival of Huer-Ket.

Ulctilan-tilokla Edit

A primordial who spawned from the very first dream.

Zaaman Rul The Resilient EmberEdit

The achromental child of Imix and Bristia Pel.


Balcoth The Groaning KingEdit

The cleverest of the primordials. Beheaded and bound by Bane, Bahamut and Moradin .

Cryonax Prince of Elemental ColdEdit

The achromental prince of evil cold creatures.

Chimblia Prince of MagmaEdit

The achromental prince of evil magma creatures.

Huer-Ket The Storm UnabatedEdit

Storm primordial thought to be bound somewhere in Hestavar by the power of Pelor, Ioun and Erathis.

Imix Prince of Elemental FireEdit

The achromental prince of evil fire creatures.

Maul-Tar The Thunder SerpentEdit

One of the mightiest primordials who was defeated by Pelor, Kord and Moradin and then bound in chains forged by Moradin.

Ogremoch Prince of Elemental EarthEdit

The achromental prince of evil earth creatures.

Olhydra Princess of Elemental WaterEdit

The achromental princess of evil water creatures.

Piranoth The World MoverEdit

Primordial of earth fire and frost; Patron of giants.

Solkara The Crushing WaveEdit

Primordial of crushing depths and icy cold who was defeated by Melora, Kord and Sehanine; imprisoned in a glacier.

Shangar The UncrownedEdit

A primordial of fire.

Sisanthak The Endless WinterEdit

Ice primordial trapped on the astral mote, Fostburn.

Umboras Lord of RimefireEdit

Lured to and bound in Pandemonium by the Raven Queen.

Vezzuvu The Burning MountainEdit

Volcanoe primordial, trapped in a field of radiance.

Vorsheen Edit

Fire primordial trapped on the astral mote, Frostburn.

Yan-C-Bin Prince of Elemental AirEdit

The achromental prince of evil air creatures.


Byrakus The Colossus of ChaosEdit

Sundered into many pieces; its blood spawned all hydras.

Castanamir The Shattered Kahn Edit

Patron of cloud and storm giants, entombed in sea.

Tziphal The Mountain BuilderEdit

Primordial of folding earth, volcanoes and petrification; created many races capable of petrification.


Bristia Pel Princess of Everlasting FireEdit

Achromental of fire, killed in battle by the Queen of Chaos.

Erek-Hus King of TerrorEdit

Clove Io in two and then was defeated by Bahamut and Tiamat.


Primordial of the Underdark who cursed Torog and then was slain by the same god, his corpse currently serves as Torog's palace in the Underdark.

Haemnathuun The Blood LordEdit

Created Blood Fiends and other abominations during the Dawn War; Its corpse floats in the Astral Sea.


A primordial slain by his own kind, exists as a vestige now.

Lormoch Master of TidesEdit

A long dead primordial who is responsible for planar breaches and cross-dimensional portals.


Primordial of unbeing defeated by Bahamut.

Nekal of Glowing DeepEdit

Primordial of water slain by Pelor, Bane, Kord and Sehanine.


Once a consort of the slaad-queen Urae-Naas, how he died is unknown but upon death he became the 53rd layer of the Abyss.


Primordial slain by Kord in the final battle of the Dawn War.

Shax The DestroyerEdit

Dead primordial of the sea; exists as a vestige now.

Syvexrae The Queen of StoneEdit

Petrified; her body serves as the palace of Dorsein.

Tabrach-Ti Queen of BronzeEdit

The first primordial slain in the Dawn War; defeated by Bane.

Timesus The Black StarEdit

A powerful primordial of dissolution and entropy.

Zurtharak The Vein of IronEdit

Earth primordial defeated by Moradin .

Unknown Edit


An obscure primordial of water and mud.

Bwimb Baron of OozeEdit

The Achromental prince of evil ooze creatures; killed by Orcus but respawned as a new Bwimb.


Bound in a sphere of annihilation; now might be free.

"The Golden Monolith "Edit

A primordial who was either petrified or slain in the Astral Dominion of Erishani becoming the Golden Monolith.


A primordial that most likely died or became a Demon Lord while in pursuit of the Shard of Evil .

Uzrith Edit

An obscure primordial of earth and mud.

Former PrimordialsEdit

The Abnegator Edit

This former primordial swore servitude to Torog at the end of the Dawn War, for this Torog rewarded him by killing him and tearing him into hundreds of pulsating peices, which he then cast into volcanic pits. He now serves Torog as an exarch.

Aseroth The Winter WarlockEdit

A former achromental and Prince of Elemental Cold who has since become a Demon Lord.

Baphomet Demon Prince of BeastsEdit

A former primordial and patron deity of the Minotaurs who became one of the original Demon Lords in the beggining of time.

Codricuhn The Blood StormEdit

A former primordial of the sea who is now a Demon Lord and harbinger of the Dusk War.

Demogorgon Prince of DemonsEdit

A former primordial of the oceans deepest places who became one of the first demon lords in the beginning of time and who has since become the lord of all demonkind.

Miska The Wolf SpiderEdit

Demonic primordial and champion of the Elder Elemental Eye who was banished by the Rod of Seven Parts.

Ollomegh Edit

A primordial who was forgotten long ago, but has been recently discovered as a slumbering Demon Lord.

Orcus Demon Prince of UndeathEdit

One of the first Demon Lords, a corrupted primordial who now rules over undeath.

Yeenoghu Demon Prince of GnollEdit

One of the first primordials to become a Demon Lord and the patron god of the Gnoll.

Primordials of Other WorldsEdit


Achazar The Pillar of Wrath (Dormant)Edit

A fire primordial that ruled Tarmalune in Abeir.

Arambar (Dead)Edit

Slain long ago, the death of Arambar is responsible for Abeir's steelsky.

Karshimis Despot of Shyr (unknown)Edit

A priordial of Abeir who rules Shyr.

Rorn of the Rages (dormant)Edit

Powerful, hated, lava-like primordial of Abeir.


Dendar The Night Serpent (bound)Edit

An elder evil of Abeir-Toril; fated to destroy the world.

Dur-baagal (dead)Edit

An ice primordial of Abeir-Toril slain by Auril.

Kezef The Chaos Hound (free)Edit

An elder evil of Abeir-Toril who hunts mortal souls.

Maegera (dormant)Edit

Dormant fire primordial, trapped under Gauntlgrym.

Nehushta (unknown)Edit

Primordial who created the fortress of Glaur.

Telos (dormant)Edit

Primordial of Abeir-Toril who fell from the sky in Vaasa.

Ubtao The Deceiver (diety)Edit

A primordial of Aberi-Toril who keeps Dendar imprisoned; worshiped as the god of Chult.


Akadi Queen of Air (Diety)Edit

Elemental lord worshiped in Toril as goddess of the sky.

Asgorath The World Shaper (diety)Edit

A primordial who hurled a comet at Toril and created the Sea of Fallen Stars; worshiped in the draconic pantheon.

Borem of the Lake of Boiling Mud (dead)Edit

One of the seven lost gods of Toril.

Grumbar Lord of Earth (diety)Edit

Elemental lord worshiped as the god of the earth in Toril.

Istishia Lord of Water (diety)Edit

Elemental lord of water treated as a diety in Toril.

Kossuth Lord of Fire (diety)Edit

Elemental lord worshiped in Toril as a god of fire.

Maram of the Great Spear (bound)Edit

One of the seven lost gods of Toril; sealed in the Elemental Chaos.


Herumar The Sand Scourge (free)Edit

Monstrous hydra-like primordial dwelling in Athas.

Ul-Athra The Mouths of Thirst (free)Edit

Monstrous primordial of Athas; spawner of Silt Horrors.