Shevarash is an elven god of fury and vengeance, who has never forgiven what the drow did during the war of elves. He is a member of the Seldarine and an exarch of Corellon who loaths mortals and is quick to take offense to the slightest of quips. He leads pre-doomed groups of ruesti during Glorious Hunts and in this way has lead hundreds to their final, glorious deaths.



Shevarsh of the Black Bow, The Black Archer, The Night Hunter






Lives in Arvandor, but sometimes roams the upper Underdark


Archers, Hunters and those obsessed with the destruction of the Drow

Origins and ExploitsEdit


Shevarash has no need for mortal followers, but those that worship him do the following:

  • The greatest enemy of the gods is Lolth, see to it that she is destroyed.
  • The greatest enemy of the elves is the drow, redemption and revenge can only be earned by their complete destruction.
  • The joy of life can begin anew when the drow and their dark gods are destroyed.
  • Hunt fearlessly!

Allies and FollowersEdit

Rivals and EnemiesEdit


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