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Tharizdun, the Chained God


The Chained God, Ender of All, Eater of Worlds, Anathema, The Author of Wickedness, The Ebon God, Father of Elder Evils, The Father of Madness


Chaotic Evil


Annihilation, Destruction, Entropy, Cold, Madness


No Dominion (Bound in an unknown location somewhere in the multiverse, believed to be a bound on an undiscovered abyssal layer) Formerly Pandemonium

Children and Worshipers

Astral Dreadnoughts, Molydeus Demons, Zovuut, The Abyss, The Mad, Evil Tieflings, Outcast Drow, Pod Demons, Nihilists


Bound God

The Chained God has many names [and epithets], but perhaps the name most commonly uttered by His worshipers is Tharizdun.

Origins, Binding and Exploits[]

According to His worshipers, the Chained God was the Nothingness which preceded Creation, and He aches to return the multiverse to that prior state of Absolute Tranquility. The other gods, including gods of Evil, all allied to chain and imprison the Ender of All so as to prevent Him from annihilating the entire multiverse.


  • Channel power to The Chained God, so he can break his chains.
  • Retrieve lost relics and shrines to The Chained God.
  • Pursue the obliteration of the world, in anticipation of The Chained God's liberation.

Exarchs, Allies and Followers[]

The Chained God's top known Exarch is an immensely powerful Elder Evil known as Shothragot.


Unsurprisingly for a deity of destruction, some of the most powerful artifacts of the Chained God are weapons, such as the Spear of Sorrow, and the energy-consuming sword known as Druniazth, both said to be forged from a rare metallic ore called ruinite. There are also the 333 Gems of Tharizdun, each of which grants a measure of destructive and/or teleportive power to its bearer, and combined are said by believers to be able to free the Chained God from His imprisonment.


Anyone and everyone who is not suicidally insane.