The Monster Slayers


Primal Spirit


Great Elder


Ancestor Spirit

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Heroism, Bravery


Battlefields and near those who need bravery and strength

Great Elder Spirits of bravery, whom encourage would be adventurers to fight for the protection and security of the world.


The Monster Slayers are great elders whom serve as ancestor spirits to every primal tribe, regardless of race, creed or belief. The Monster Slayers advocate protecting the natural world and aiding in its recovery. They are one of the most commonly revered spirits and amongst the most powerful of ancestor spirits. They are capable of bestowing great strength and bravery to those who need it.

Origins and ExploitsEdit

Long ago, after the Dawn Wars and the following Primal Pact that banished the gods and primordials from the world the many peoples of the world succeeded in binding and defeating the remaingin extraplanar monsters that the Dawn Wars had brought into the mortal realm.

The Elder Spirits were pleased with this outcome and believing that the mortal races no longer needed their aid, the Elder Spirits settled down in their favorite places instead of flowing through the world as a whole. Then many mortal generations passed quickly in relative peace. When things started changing fro the worse some blamed Whisper. Others, not of the spirit way, blamed malicious gods or devils. In any case, those monsters which had been bound or defeated after the Primal Pact gained new power and intelligence. Able to communicate with each other in their places of banishment and binding, they learned to coordinate their power and break free.

The mortals, with no history to guide them and no Elder Spirits to draw power from were quickly overcome. The Monster Slayers were primal heroes who left their various homelands to travel throughout the world, hunting the monsters that had escaped from their confinement. On the way the Monster Slayers met other heores and relearned the magical secrets that had once defeated the monstrous threat. They codified their knowledge in order to train others, which greatly shaped the Spirit Way.

In the end, the Monster Slayers' trial awoke the Elder Spirits, who understood that they must not rest and must instead return totheir ceaseless movement through the world.

Relation with Primal PeoplesEdit

Countless people and tribes count the Monster Slayers as their own ancestors. Their tales of the Monster Slayers Quest using their own local spirits and ancestor spirits as characters. All heroes who walk the Spirit Path have some connection to the Monster Slayers.

A few followers of the spirit way, do not revere the Monster Slayers however. Some bitter shamans claim that it was the Monster Slayers who released the scourge in the first place, simply as a test of their own skill. Others tell tales of wannabe Monster Slayers angering monsters and drawing their ire back to the tribelands; and even others speak of horrible magic that turns heroes into monsters.