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In the year 5212 AB the Golden Age came to an end when the legendary mountain of nations, then known as Council's peak, fell to the Hands of Nearat the Spellspinner at the orders of Derrick Rossi. Both men belonging to the allience of ten kings. The ten kings of the Southern Nations. Thought to be the first sign of the Dusk War, and the eventual end of the world, this event sparked the creation of the Suns of Reckoning, and thus also created its own resolution.

Chapter 1: How Can You Let a Dead Man Live?Edit

The Wizard and The WizardsEdit

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  1. __ Years ago a goliath traveled with a group of dwarves from _____. When he makes it to Sarnell, he is employed by Duke Elsgarth to make a secret prison under his govenors mansion, while working on the jail he and his crew fall into the underdark, Elsgarth assumes that the crew died. Months later, Carreg comes back from the underdark with power over shadow, he becomes a personal body guard of the duke and is given a seat of power in the house of representatives that runs sarnell.
  2. Ryke spawns outside of Sarnell, Seers of Councils Peak fortell his rebirth and worry what this may mean. When Elsgarth meets Ryke for the first time, he decides against his better judgement to kill him, because something seems familiar, he orders the city to remain non-agressive towards him, and he calls upon the regions best known healer, inorder for ryke not to fall back into death.
  3. Duke Elsgarth is told that Derrik Rossi is planning for war against the Nations of Council. Councils peak is called together for the first tmie in __ years, and for the first "real" time in 100 years.
  4. The Exarch of Arkhosia, a foreign representative of a dragonborn nation visits Iokaharnek and travels from there to sarnell with the dragonborn prince of Iokaharnek.
  5. Duke Elsgarth calls together a city council, there he explains the eed to go to councils peak and the dire need for the path that leads there to be cleared of dangers, The Exarch of Arkhosia explains that a powerful dragon died while scouting the Southern Kingdoms, which emplys that they are ammassing great power. The Gladiators, Jace, Minogue, and Bardok volunteer to clear the way of danger, Ryke and, Carreg volunteer, along with the dwarf Undetoken. Carreg and Ryke go looking for supplies that could aid them, Carreg tries to buy sleeping poisen from the town Herbologist, she says he can have it for free as long as she brings Ryke back to see her. The adventuring party travels miles out of town and finds a giant ant-hill, the go in. Lagout finds them before reaching sarnell, and figuring he has never seen the inside of an ant-hill travels in with them. In the anthill they kill many things and eventually battle the queen, in this room Ryke falls into disillusion and passes out.
  6. They win and bring back two ant-mounts and ryke, Legout does his best to stabilize him, but they drop him at the city's healers guild. The next day ryke goes missing.
  7. A second council is held amongst the city's elite, here they discuss what they should do when the southern nations come. carreg argues to finish the town wall their ancestors started, and says that wepaons and magic should be allowed once more. he earns the respect and support of most of the council. The herbologist that gave them the poisen starts using magic on civilians, screaming that "The White Devil" is loose. Elsgarths secret troops subdue and capture her. She shows Elsgarth a vision of the future. A month passes Bardok gains noterity as a gladiator, and Carreg becomes bolder in his political machinations. Elsgarth is about to send the group out again to clear more of the way, they prepare. Eventually Elsgarth is to disturbed by her visions, so he decides to show them to Carreg. Carreg Bardok and Legout go into his secret prison again and see the herbologist, who turns out is a fey "Moonseer" she tells Carreg what a bad-boy he was for not bringing ryke to her and shows him the vision. In the Vision, Crreg comes into Elsgarths room and After locking eyes, eleports to him and stabs him through the chest. She then warns that their is a spy amongst the city, the court and the council, a spy of Rossi.
  8. All of Bardoks things are stolen by a dwarven lady after a succefull gladiator match.
  9. 3 days go by, construction on the wall begins, Bardok's next gladiator games are cancelled because Minogue has gone missing.
  10. New gladiator games are held against one of Bardoks fiercest rivals, a Kenku named Etreet, Bardok is charged with cheating and looses his first match in months, Bardok is enraged and ashamed.
  11. Representatives from the barony of Bangadarek call upon Elsgarth informing him that they will not be able to trade with sarnell unless something is done about the elves along the trade-root. They claim they will kill the elves, Elsgarth knows their leader and does not want violence so he asks his adventuring party to go and solve the problem diplomatically, if they can not, then they are allowed to exercise violence. As they are about to leave representatives of Merriam come demanding "The White Devil" they claim that Ryke, Lagout Bardok and Carreg where in their city only days ago and had looted and ransaked the place. The heroes atest to how this cannot be true and Carreg sees that they are changelings, Carreg and Elsgarth's secret police subdue them and throw the three changelings in the dungeon for interrogation. Elsgarth tells them that if they take care of the elves he wil take care of the changelings.
  12. Carreg, Bardok and Legout travel into the woods along the path, using a merchants cart and disguised. When the reach the warning arrows of the elves, the parley and ask to speak with their leader, Bardok be's a cloth monster and hides under the cart, the elves agree to parley. The elves live in raised wooden platforms high in the trees and have wolves and hawks that patrol the platforms. They are taken to a living room of wood and siting in a tree-throne is a small whiley gnome in green robes, his name is Gnumli and he is a religious extremist of Melora he explains that the woods do not belong to the humans and cannot be traveled through. Carreg works out a solution and volunteers to excort Gnumli and some of his bodyguards back to town. Gnumli agrees.
  13. when they are brought to town, the elves and the Bangadarekians start to work out a truce, Elsgarth gives Carreg a chance to interrogate the changelings because the police had no luck the day before. During interrogations Carreg is completely brutal against his normal nature, and is fairly sadistic, he kills one, and lagout tries to stop him from killing another and in the process gets his hand cut off. bardok is disgusted with the nature of his allies and slinks out the back door, after debating whether he should stay he leaves Sarnell entirely in order to start a new life, as a new gladiator. Gnumli sneaks into the dungeon and mends Lagout's hand, he warns Carreg of the corrupting influence of his shadow powers and sneaks a note into Lagouts bag, he gives Lagout a necklace named The Feycollar and tells them that he can smell the will of the gods all about them. They learn that the changelings, were not lying about not-knowing who their orders were coming form, but they inform them that they came from the city of Meriam and that the spy is still in town. They try to find out who the spy is, but have no luck.
  14. The Bangadarekians cut a deal with the Melora worshipers, and Gnumli and the elves head back into the woods.






Starqque Solonov


Mathaiyes of Yearon/ Phage (deceased)


Hroflgar Lolskate 'Solonov'

"Cappy" AKA Dread Pirate Captain Despairion


Grommy AKA Gromuelork Skullcleaver

"Bookimp" AKA Tarnok Illumiflae

Captain Jack Dagger






Supporting ProtagonistsEdit

Dennis "Duke" Elthsgkarth



Pork Brooner


Tee Tee

Gnumli Freeform







Coop AKA Prince Jacob

King William

Queen Bronzia

King and Queen Solkep

King and Queen Brawnzhammere

Northstar Noughite



Prince Cradrick





The Illuminated Sphinx

3 Changelings


Minotaur Family

Chastone Ironbrow