The World Serpent


Primal Spirit


Great Elder


True Elder

Other Names

Great Snake, MountainScale, Earth Serpent






All stone and the Underdark

The most legendary of the primal spirits, a being who can drag continents down below the earth.


The world serpent is a great stone snake, so large that it can hold its tail in its mouth while its body is encompassed around the world.

Origin and ExploitsEdit

The world serpent is a true elder, and as such has no true origin outside the creation of the world.

The World Serpent has taken place in many earth-changing events and is a force of power recognized by the gods. In the formationof the world many mountain ranges were created by the World Serpent shedding off it's old scales. During the Dawn War the World Serpent fought against god and primordial alike, destroying both with ease and lack of sympathy.

After the Dawn War the goddes Kahla started the War of Winter. Kahla sent her strongest exarch to forge a pact with the primordial lord of ice. The World Serpent was watching. When he saw the two forces meet he wrapped his coils around the two and crushed them into a broken mass, which EverFlame then burned away into nothing but ash as a dark warning to the gods.

Those that know the story of Torog know that it was Gargesh that imprisoned him in the Underdark, but those that revere the World Serpent believe that it is this great spirit that keeps Torog imprisoned there today. The World Serpent's allies, the Deep Winds move secretly through the darkness of the Underdark, while the World Serpent lingers above, patiently awaiting the moment Torog extends his power too far and slips into the World Serpent's grasp.

Relation With Primal PeoplesEdit

Most common folk have little reason to call on the World Serpent, unless they live in a region prone to earthquakes. In contrast primal heroes of all types are drawn to his immense power. Disciples of the World Serpent are a school of shamans that serve as the ultimate protector of the balance of the natural order. Barbarians can evoke the World Serpent's Rage and shaman's can evoke the Coils of the World Serpent and the Spirit of the World Serpent.