Thoriden IronHammer, Destroyer of Boulders





Occupation, former

Knight of Moradin

Occupation, current

Scavenger, Adventurer


Lawful Good


Moradin, Clangeddin Silverbeard


Thoriden stands at a stout 4' 9" and weighs approximatley 227 lbs. He is 82 years old and sports a few grey hairs. His hair is dark brown and his beard hangs down to his waist. He's very proud of it. He doesn't tend to fully trust people very quickly, although he can be friendly. Thoriden tends to be very proud and doesn't take well to insults, however his stict upbringing has led him to be very poor in quips both in battle and in the social settings. His loudness makes up for this, sometimes. Occasionally, especially in the heat of the moment, he will take more credit for an exploit than he deserves and doesn't seem to realize he has done so even when told. He hates creating problems for himself and others that can easily be solved, but will let others make these mistakes if only to prove a point should arguments come to an impasse. He does try his hardest to make good descisions, but he doesn't seem to succed very often.


Thoriden Ironhammer hail from the once prestigious Inronhammer family. Much of his family's wealth has been lost due to debts and a rather alcholic past. He took up the family profession of Paladin and served in the Dwarven armies of the far north as a frontline medic and survived fights with all manner of creatures. However things began to change after several decades of service, as the leaders he once sworn loyalty to seemed to have a pervasively growing ambitions of neighboring territories. After following blindly for several years, the nawing guilt he felt over the people he saw killed and enslaved, some of which by his own hand, reached an apex and he could no longer stand it. He deserted the military and left his homeland, friends, and family with not much but a few provisions and his family's heirloom, Shirly. He traveled south in exile, knowing that he may very well be hunted down and persecuted as a traitor towards his countrymen.

Years later and Thoriden keeps himself funded by accepting oddjobs. Much of the money he earns dissappears quikly into the pockets of pub owners and he constantly finds himself barley making due. The years have not been kind to him either and much his fight fighting prowess has been lost through the years of neglect and he is not in the shape he use to be. Toriden longs to return to his native country and wishes he could redeem his family's name, but fully understands that may never happen. Still he holds onto hope that Moradin with look down kindly on him and grant him the power to reclaim his lost honor.

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