Demon Lord of Hungry Parasites, Demon Lord of Worms, The Squirming King


Chaotic Evil


Worms, Parasites


Writhing Realm - Abyssal Layer 177




Demon Lord

One of the only Demon Lords who is also a Demi-God. Ugudenk is the Demon Prince of parasites and worms.

Description, Origin and ExploitsEdit

Ugudenk was unleashed upon the abyss from the loins of Zuggtmoy after a tryst with Torog . He is inescapably drawn to the power of his father, and thus he has plans of permenantly connecting the Underdark to his Writhing Realm in the abyss. In recent history the Squirming King has taken to burrowing into neighboring abyssal realms along the route followed by the blood rift. This is dangerous, because he risks severing his layer from the power of the abyss every time he breaches the rock walls of the blood rift. Ugudenk has managed to carve away and infest a small corner of Hollow's Heart, the realm of the demon lord Fraz-Urb'luu.

Exarchs Allies and FollowersEdit

Like his father Ugudenk is untrusting and unwilling to share his power with others, thus he has no known exarchs.


The Squirming King has few alliences in the Abyss but rumored allies include Lamashtu, do to Ugudenk's origins, Fraz-Urb'luu due to a lack of force to remove Ugudenk from his layer, Zuggtmoy for obvious reasons and maybe even the god of the Underdark himself, Torog.


Ugudenk does not treat his followers well, instead spending his time burrowing along the blood rift, none the less he still demands the respect of demonic Underdark dwellers, intelligent worms, and subterranean demons.

Rivals and EnemiesEdit

It is unknown who Ugudenk's enemies are but demonologists suspect that Obox-ob has a rivalry with the Demon Prince of Worms and Hungry Parasites, because they both demand worship from the same creatures. Those demonologists that believe that Fraz-Urb'luu has not removed Ugudenk from his realm do to a lack of forces, believe that instead of allies, the two Demon Princes are in fact bitter enemies.


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