Undead of Bael TurathEdit

The infernal pacts made by the royal lineage of Bael Turath gave the tiefling empire power over the dead; and gave some royal tieflings "enternal life" if you are willing to call undeath such a thing. The city of Vor Kragal still holds the undead of the ancient empire.

Kahlir Husks

Created through the torturous draining of their once-living blood, Kahlir husks seek to recover what they lost. Husks appear as withered, desiccated humanoid corpses, their skin drawn taut from a lack of body fluids.

Kahlir Vampires

The Kahlir themselves became monsters whose only sustenance came from blood, and some became truly immortal. Now, those few that remain lust for blood more than anything else. Kahlir vampires look much as other sorts of vampires, although their faces are nearly always slightly flushed and plump, as if they had recently fed.

Kahlir Bloodworms

Kahlir bloodworms denied fresh blood, their only source of sustence, can form a rock-hard coccoon. But when fresh blood nears, they wriggle free of their stone-hard husks and seek the bags of sweet, red sustenance. The worms are nearly 5 feet long, and the dark red of fresh blood when they’ve freshly fed. Their coloration grows more and more pale the longer they are denied the blood they crave.