Primal Spirit


Great Elder


True Elder

Other Names

Dark Sister, Fox Woman, Little Dragon




Trickery, Secrecy, Humor, Lies


The World

One of the eldest of the Primal Spirits, a trickster spirit known by many names.


Whisper goes by many names and comes across as many aspects across the world. Some know her as Little Dragon, a playful and dangerousnspirit that takes the form of a black dragon wrymling. Some know her instead as Fox Woman, a sly and elusive spirit who creates self fufilling prophicies. Yet there are others that know her as Dark Sister, a dark skinned elf ancestor spirit whom tries to make primal peoples commit atrocious deeds. There are other names and other aspects, but all are Whisper. Her voice is the rustling leaves and the wind in the grass.

Origins and ExploitsEdit

Whisper has no true origin, seeing as she is simply an aspect of the world, one that came into being the moment the world did.

Whisper has had a great deal of say in many of the worlds most pivotal events. Whisper is said to have been the cause of the great primal monsters escaping and forcing the Monster Slayers into action. She is also said to have warned the gods about the primordial invasion before the Dawn War, and others claim that it was she who told the primordials to battle the gods in the Astral Sea; by telling both sides of the Dawn War what to do and where to fight, she had a great hand in keeping most the conflict off of the world.

When the Dawn War came to the world and expunged most of the life from its surfaces many mortals were hard pressed to survive, hunting down whatever could be eaten. An ancient tribe of primal people hunted down a pack of sentient primal jackals. The jackals were cunning and strong, but could not best the mortals and their weapons. Alone and destitute a few surviving jackals howled their fear and fury into the night. Whisper heard their pleas and gave the jackals her gifts, creating the first Jackalweres.

Relation With Tribal PeoplesEdit

No one fully trusts Whisper and those who do bear her marks - typically tatoos of the moon and stars, a fox's eyes or a dragon's tail. Primal people who do trust Whisper usually live as loners, so that they will not be branded as heretics by the rst of their tribe.

There are some heroes that admire her, shamans, because of her ability to hear that which should not be heard, and because she is sometimes willing to share her forbidden knowledge. Barbarians revere her ability to drive folk to anger and rage and druids respect her guise as the cunning fox.

An elf woman showing her marks of Whisper.