Schools of MagicEdit

No wizard can know all. No, not even me, though i do come damn close. During a lifespan of 300 years a wizard who studies everyday will still only have learned about one tenth the spells he is capable of casting and even then; there are thousands more, lost to the ages or entirley unattainable. This is why wizards categorize magic into different "schools". Schools are types of spells that use similar motions or incantations that cause similar effects. I present the common schools of magic:


Few archtyes of wizard are more recognizable than the illusionist, a spellcaster that calls up false images and sounds using arcane power to fool, confuse, and otherwise befuddle his foes. An illusionist uses magic to toy with the minds of his enemies, convincing them to see and hear things where they are not—and to ignore things that should be right in front of their faces. Illusion spells turn their enemies’ senses against them, causing their eyes and ears to deceive them and tricking them into performing actions they normally would not. Some illusions are so realistic that they can convince a foe’s mind to make the illusion real, causing trauma and even death.


  • Illusary Ambush - An easy to cast spell which creates an illusion of swirling spectral assailants.
  • Grasping Shadows - A dificult maneuver which causes the shadows to reach out, grab hold of enemies, and wreath the area in darkness
  • Phantam Casm - A master spell whch creates the image of a bottomless chasm that opens beneath an enemy, convincing them that they are plummeting to their death.
  • Phantasmal Terrain - A very difficult spell that creates realistic terrain, that can be both felt and touched.
  • Maze of Mirrors - A hard spell that creates an illusory labyrinth made of mirrors, which conceals the world around the casters enemies.
  • Phantasmal Assailant - Crafts an elaborate image of a deadly assassin whose blade cuts deeply into a target, covincing them that they are bleeding to death.
  • Spectral Hound - Summons the ghostly image of a powerful mastiff that follows the caster protectively.
  • Enemies Abound - Weaves a veil of illusion over the eyes of enemies, causing them to view their allies as threats.
  • Illusory Wall - A seemingly solid wall materializes before your foes, dividing the battlefield with a convincing illusion.